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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wondering how she does it all.

Sometimes I wonder how my wife does it all. Earlier, I posted two blogs showing my wife’s projects where she painted everything she could get her hands on and crocheted up some throw rugs and such. If you forgot here are links to my-wife's projects-part-1 and my-wife’s projects-part-2.

Now you are in for another treat. She heard that The Flying Tortoise was making a quilt, so she said that she wants to see it, and in the mean time she will show him hers. You know, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. . .

This first picture is of a crazy quilt (actually it is a yo yo quilt) she came up with;

And some old unfinished quilts that she found at a flea market:

Turned one end over to see bottom and hand stitching:
My wife also makes hand bags by quilting, like these:

Here is a close up showing the stitching:

And a pattern cut from an old phone book:

And you don’t want to waste even the smallest piece of cloth, so:

Getting tired of quilting? How about a crocheted hand bag:

This one I think is really nice:

And of course, cold weather is coming so you may need a hat:
Enough for today. OK, The Flying Tortoise, let’s see yours….


  1. Pretty nice work, Buddy! Maybe she could teach you!

  2. ummm,we know who has the talent in that family! :-)
    Wonder if I still got that quit top from my grandmother? It needs finishing... ummmm. now that I know a quilter .....

  3. Wow DD, tell Ruth that is really nice crazy quilting. I'm very impressed, it's beautiful. Yes, I accept your challenge of course and will photograph what I have done and post it soon. You old rascal...

  4. Howdy Jim, I don't think I want to learn. You know, teaching old dogs new tricks, or something like that.

    Ben, my wife says when you get you Grandma's quilt done she will send her unfinished ones up there for you to finish.

    Keith, my wife has been asking about your quilt ever since you mentioned it way back when and every day she asks if you posted it yet. She loves crafts of all kinds and really likes to see other peoples projects. (Glad you knew that I meant quilts when I said "show me yours and she will show you hers".) I almost got in big trouble there. :-0

  5. your real nice to your wife, your a good example to us all.

  6. Thanks Nick, I hope she realizes it, also. . .