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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wandering Around the Flea Market

Last Sunday, my wife and I decided to go wander around the local Flea Market and get some walking exercise and an “outing”. It was a partly cloudy day which helped keep the hot sun hidden part of the time, but it was still quite warm. The first thing we saw after getting parked was someone’s old Mercury parked at the edge of the lot:

This is a picture looking west at the outside portion:

And this is one taken from the other end looking east:

There is almost everything you can think of for sell, from old used stuff to brand new merchandise. Everyone should find something that interests them. Let us start down one of the outside isles. Just went through one section and headed straight on to the next when this vendor was noticed, since he is selling “Chicago Style” food. Quite a change from the Tex-Mex that the other vendors sell.

If you want to make your own, there are plenty of booths that sell fresh foods.
And some that sell dried and canned food, packaged food, etc.
Maybe you need an old rusty cast iron pot:

Plants are sold also, depending on the time of year, garden vegetable plants can be found along with flowers and shrubs of all kinds.

All kinds of clothing can be had. Do you want a pair of green boots?

Or if you can’t make up your mind, how about a pair of pok-a-dot ones:

Or maybe you need a neat hat to go with those new boots:

Or some undies:

Let’s go inside the air conditioned building.

Here is the side door:

But we are going to go in the north end of the building. This is what you see when you first step in from the north looking south:

After walking to the other end we look back to the north:

And this last picture is of the sign at the road pointing to where we have just been.

That is a small taste of what all you may find at this flea market. It has grown in size over the years and is “the one” to go to in the area. There are a lot of other smaller flea markets in the area but they seem to be getting smaller or going out of business while this one keeps growing. Hope you enjoyed the shopping trip.
Don't forget, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them.


  1. Flea Markets used to be my downfall. What you end up buying? :-)

  2. Hey Ben, I didn't get anything this trip, but have in the past purchased some really good junk, I mean things. Got my one good straw cowboy hat there, the one I have on in my picture.