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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wondering about Water Levels

I was reading an article the other day about scientists studying dust devils in Nevada. The reason was to find out what causes them and what conditions do not cause them. This information would then be helpful for unmanned or manned missions to Mars. Since Mars has huge dust devils that can cause equipment failure or be a detriment to astronauts.

To get to my point, the article said that that whole area had been a large sea. In fact, most of the south west was once under a large sea. I know it was where I live now and when I lived up north of Fort Worth; you could find sea shell fossils in the shell on the hill sides.

Nevada was under water and most of Texas, so too where most of the states in between. So why, I wonder, is it mostly desert now? Where did all the water go?

From what I understand, and I could very well be wrong, the earth does not loose water vapor into space. Water is being created whenever any hydrocarbons are burned. So, where is all the water?

Some people try to tell us that because of global warming, our coastal areas will be flooded. As I see it, a huge percentage of the North American continent was under water at one time and even if all the ice in the world would melt, it would not even come close to what was under the seas of old.

What could possibly tie up all that water? How about plants? Maybe back when the south western US was under water, there were very few plants on earth. Now vegetation is almost everywhere and plants hold a lot of water. But I don’t think they could even hold a fraction of the water needed to produce the seas of ancient times. Anyway, I think that there were plenty of huge plants back then.

Well, here I am again asking a question I can’t answer. There must be some knowledgeable people out there who can explain this to me. Of course when you do explain it to me, please use small words. . .


  1. DD, from what I understand the landmass was forced up by the same forces that cause mountain ranges and in some cases volcanic activity. When the land became higher than sea level the water ran off to the remaining oceans. Aquifers may be what remains of the seas to from back when the land was covered with water. That part is my idea though so you can believe it or not. ;)

  2. LOL, you lost me, BUT I have heard or read somewhere or the other that there is the same amount of water on Earth as there has ever been, It don't go flying off into space!!! The water just continues to go through the same ole process as it always has.

    UNLESS of course you ask Al Gore, then all bets are off!!! LOL LOL LOL

  3. Hey David, Yep, I believe you are right, although Death Valley is still below sea level. I also heard that there may be an ocean under our oceans that contain more water than the ones above.

    Ben, I lost myself. You do make me chuckle, I wonder what ole Gore would say about that. Probably that his opponent drilled a well and let all the water drain under-ground. :-)

  4. There's a lot of water where I am at the moment DD, perhaps some of it is yours... I will put a bit in a container and send it to you...

  5. Yes TFT, we need it. We haven't had any rain for way over a month and it is going to dry up and blow away. Hope it rains soon.

  6. I was getting ready to answer when I read the comments and ttfnguy beat me to it. I would think something deep in the molten core of the earth that causes volcanic activity, is pushing the continents upward and so expanding the land mass?

    Your post today is very thought-provoking.

  7. Gypsy, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I have to agree with you and David, but I still wonder if. . .