Wondering about wild grapes

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wondering About a Tree.

I took a walk up the driveway and around the dogs' yard.  I noticed that, even this late in the year, stuff is still blooming like this honeysuckle.
 Beside the dogs' yard is a tree that I have no idea what it is.  I thought that the leaves looked like it would be some variety of ash, but I have not been able to find an ash with this kind of bloom, fruit, or whatever it is:

Here is a close up of what I am talking about.  You can see the stuff hanging down along with leaves.  Can any of you tell me what it is?

OK, Sharon of the odd essay blog:
http://theoddessay.blogspot.com/, can you identify this tree?  You are familiar with Texas flora, right?  From the looks of the leaves, I would have said it was a ash or nut tree but then those hangy down  things appeared, which I have never seen before.  Maybe they will turn into long green worms which will then turn into little green men which will then take over the world. . . Oh my gosh!!  Maybe I need to cut this tree down and burn every seed and leaf. . . Maybe it is too late and I am already infected and am going to turn green and shrink. . . . Now, be careful which tree you walk by today and keep your windows closed at night.  Better to be safe than sorry.  And of course, have a great day, you hear?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day.

Hope you all are enjoying this year's Earth Day.  I guess since we live here, we should have at least one day a year to remind us what a great place it is.  It is the best place by far to live in this solar system, in fact it is the only planet that is capable of sustaining life in our solar system.  To me, that makes this watery blue, white, and brown ball something really special.  Here is a picture of the Earth Day flag:

We only have this one beautiful ball to live on so we better start taking better care of it.  But, no matter how well we treat it, one of these days the sun will expand and either burn us up or kick us out of the neighborhood.  Either way, it will not be a very happy ending.  Until that time, let us try to take a little better care of it.  I am guilty of leaving a pretty heavy carbon footprint on the old girl, but I am too old to change now.  It is too hard to teach us old dogs new tricks.  I am going to leave it up to the younger generation to save the Earth's ecosystem so that they, too, will have a future.  So, you all have a great Earth Day, you hear?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Wondering About The Battle of San Jacinto.

Sam Houston defeated the Mexican Army and captured Santa Anna at San Jacinto on this day back in 1836 and thus, freed Texas from Mexican rule.  I have been to the location of the battle where a rag-tag group of Texan volunteers took on Santa Anna's well armed and trained army:
 Today, there is very impressive monument at the site:
 At the very top is the Texas "Lone Star":
 Near the monument is the Battleship Texas which fought in both World War I and World War II.  Two symbols of Texas freedom:
 I found this picture showing the space shuttle Endeavour flying over the San Jacinto monument.  A little old with a little new.  But in reality, the shuttle is now a part of history, too.
If you are ever in the area, stop and see the monument and the battle ship.
It has been such fantastic weather here lately and it seems to be continuing.  I sure am enjoying it and I sure hope you all enjoy your day today, you hear?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter and Out of this World Pictures

First and foremost, let me wish you a very Happy Easter and hope you remember that it just isn't about colored eggs and candy.  Now, let me show you some pictures of some of the many wondrous, beautiful, and spectacular things that reside in our great universe that we are so blessed to be living in.

This nebula has an unusual yellow and white spot in the center and to me, the center white area looks like a face.  I wonder if it could be the reflection of the face of the creator?  What ever it is, to me it looks out of place, very interesting, and awe inspiring.

I zoomed in to get a closer look but this is as clear a view as I could get.  Any closer and it becomes too fuzzy.

This next picture below is probably the most famous one that the Hubble Space Telescope took.  Everyone interested in astronomy has heard of the Eagle Nebula or Pillars of Creation.

How about a view of just the top of the left column in the above picture:

 This is such a huge gas cloud that it is beyond my comprehension.  It is fifty light years across.

The Eagle Nebula isn't the only huge gas cloud out there.  There are many of them and they give birth to many new stars.  Here is a picture of another huge gas cloud.
Some time we humans have the tendency to look in areas and at things that we should not look at.  This last picture shows a gas cloud that wasn't very happy that we took its picture and gave us the universal sign of disgust (grin).

Now, don't let that last picture ruin your day, but have a really great Easter and always be in awe of the creation of our Maker, you hear?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wondering if I am Daffy.

Some people think I am a little daffy.  Well, that may be but it is because they don't understand my sense of humor.  Then, not too many people do.  I do try to see the humor in everything, and I suppose, I am a little daffy at times.

Now, this reminds me of Daffy Duck.  Daffy Duck was created on this date back 1937 at Warner Brothers (to compete with Disney) and has been entertaining us ever since, sometimes by using a big wooden mallet on poor ole Porky Pig.  At other times ole Daffy seemed quite confused:


 At other times he was quite confident and in control:
 Daffy was brought to you by Looney Tunes, A Warner Bros. Cartoon:

That's all folks.  Now, you all look for the humor in things and along with me, wish Daffy a Happy Birthday and have yourselves a great day, you hear?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Wondering About a Trip to Mars.

They say that the person has already been born who will walk on Mars.  But what I wonder is why we just don't go there now with a manned mission.  We have the technology, and I am not talking about the old, slow chemical propelled rockets.  With today's technology, a trip to Mars would probably be death sentence.  First off, it would take at least six to nine months to get there and during that trip you would get dosed with the radiation equivalent to a whole body CT scan every five to six days.  Now that would sure increase your chances of cancer, wouldn't it?  Once you get there, you would have to then wait up to two years for Earth and Mars to be close enough for your return trip. 

A fellow named Franklin Diaz has come up with a better propulsion system.  He has built plasma rocket engines and these, he believes, will shorten the trip to the red planet to less than six weeks.  Now we are talking!!  That is a lot better than six to nine months that it would now take.

Once we get there, we will find that it isn't a very habitable or friendly place to be.  There is an extremely thin atmosphere and lots of red dust.  It looks like a red desert:
I think if I were to take such a long trip, I would prefer to go somewhere where there is trees, and grass, and flowers, and wildlife, and blue skies.  Of course, if I had a chance to go to Mars, or the Moon, or just up in an orbit around Earth, I would jump at the chance.  But at my age, I could never endure the rigorous training that astronauts go through.  So, if any of you get to go, please send me a post card, you hear?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wondering About Apollo 13.

On this day back in 1970, these famous words were spoken by the Apollo 13 crew, "Houton,we have a problem".  This mission to the moon was launched on April eleventh and was on its way there on seventeenth when an oxygen tank blew up and severely damaged the craft.  There was no alternative but to continue to the moon, go around it, and try to return to earth.  This was a very serious event and it sent mission control into a frenzy, but they finally worked out a way to bring the crippled craft safely back home.  It was not easy, but they managed to pull it off.  I would say that mission control were the real heroes in this emergency.  But the capsule's occupants, Lovel, Swigert, and Haise played a sugnificant part and also were heroes.

I sure remember that event and I wonder how many of you who were old enough to also remember it?  Let me know.  Now, I hope you all have a great day here on Earth, you hear?