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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Why Did I Say That??

Have you ever heard of that disease that cattle get called hoof and mouth disease?  Well, sometimes I suffer from foot in mouth disease.  That is caused by talking without thinking.  Maybe I should give you some examples.

1.   When someone says "I have been on a diet for months, so how do I look?"  Your comment is "Oh, you have been on a diet?"  Time to extract foot from mouth.

2.   When your wife comes home from shopping and asks how you like her new dress.  You shouldn't say "You bought THAT?".  Quick now, take that dang foot out of your mouth and gargle.

3.   When you meet an old high school buddy and he looks a hundred years old.  You shouldn't say "Wow buddy, you look awful.  You sure must have had a rough life?".  Extract one foot from one mouth.

4.   When you see a drawing and say "It is so bad, I can't figure out what it is."  And then you find out your kid, or your grandkid, or your great grandkid did it just for you.  Oh my, that foot stuck in your mouth really hurts and you try hard to remove it.

That is enough examples.  I am sure you all know what I am trying to say and I am also sure that you have stuck your foot in your mouth more than once.  This is a disease, Foot in Mouth Disease, that I keep getting over and over again, but it does make my life more interesting for sure.  Now, keep your foot out of your mouth and have a great day, you hear?

Monday, December 3, 2018

What Is Silence?

Silence, in this case, is defined as a complete absence of sound.  How many of you have experienced complete absence of sound?  I have never experienced complete silence.  Let me explain.

Many, many years ago when I was a young boy, I was laying in my bed sleeping.  I woke up in the middle of the night and just laid there for a few seconds listing to all the night critters (crickets, katydids, etc.) sing their beautiful songs.  That is, until I realized it was in the middle of winter with over a foot of snow on the ground.  It should be completely silent, but it wasn't.  Yep, the sound was coming from my own ears.

Earlier in my life, I had suffered a lot of ear infections during which caused my eardrums to brake or, if caught in time, lanced.  That had left me with a constant sound, which I have to this day.  The sound seems to get louder if I am not feeling well, but last night and so far today, the ringing in my ears is quite loud.  I do not feel sick, so maybe this will be my "normal" from now on.

I suppose that it inhibits my hearing to some extent, especially sounds that are of the same or near the same frequency.  I used to wear hearing aids, which did seem to help some, but they wore out and I have never replaced them.  This morning the ringing seems quite loud, but maybe that is because I have been thinking about it and writing about it here on my blog.  Now, I would appreciate it if you all would stop ringing all those bells and just have a great day, you hear?

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Big Cat Spotted Again

Yesterday, we took some stuff down to the flea market to give to a friend to sell.  That way, the friend may be able to make a little bit more money than without it.  We didn't stay to walk around and came back home while it was still early morning.  On the way back, my wife spotted that big cat again in a small opening in the trees along the north side of the road about two miles from our place.

You remember my blog postings telling how we heard it yelling at night and my son got some good pictures of it on his game cameras that he has set up around our place.  I am glad it is still around, adds some spice to our lives.  Did you know that they can have a large territory?  Yep, depending on their food availability, they can have a territory that covers anywhere from 25 to 785 square miles.  Dang, that is large spread from minimum to maximum.  I would imagine that in this area, they would only roam close to the minimum area.  There is a lot of food for them when you consider all the pets and livestock people have around here.  My son has plenty of small livestock to keep them well fed (grin).  Of course, he really doesn't want to use them as feed for the big cat.

I have never seen one in the wild, and envy my wife sighting it yesterday.  Of course I wouldn't mind at all if it decided to move on.  But once one has been here, you just never know when it or another one will come back.  A little excitement in our lives is a welcome thing. . . well, it is for me, my wife, not so much.  Now stay away from the big kitties and have a great day, you hear? 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Met Blogger Friends

We who participate in the blogger world love to meet other bloggers face to face.  I have met quite a few of them over the years.  Some of them have passed away and some have just moved far away.  I have never forgotten any of them.

But, it is so very nice to meet with bloggers who are very much alive and enjoying both their blogging world and their RV life style.  What a wonderful surprise it was to find out that a blogging, RVing couple had stopped fairly close to me at an RV park.  Therefore, we just had to take a short trip to meet up with them in person.

This wonderful couple were from Canada and since they were stopped for a few days close to us, we just had to go see them, which we did.  Both my wife and I had a wonderful time flapping our jaws with them and I must admit that I out flapped my wife for sure.  It is so very special to finally meet with a couple who we have followed on Blogger.  Here is a picture that I took of George and Suzie with their RV behind them.  

George showed me how to set my camera on delay, and we all got into my next shot.

Hated to see the visit come to an end, but we headed home with smiles on our faces.  If any of you ever get a chance to meet with them, I highly recommend that you do.  Have safe travels, George and Suzie, and hope to see you again in the future.  Thanks for the wonderful day and I want all of you have a great day, you hear?

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Never Know What You Will Find

I always try to be aware of my surroundings at all time.  No, not just for safety, although that is a part of it, but to see what all I can see.  Especially when walking outside, the more you pay attention to your surroundings the more interesting things you will see and the safer you will be.

When I took the garbage out to the dumpster, as I was walking along my driveway, I happened to look down and saw a small white stone that looked like a skull.  Of course I leaned over and picked it up.  Dang, even up close it looked like a skull.  Here is a picture of it:

I have no idea where it came from or why I hadn't seen it before.  The only logical explanation is that it was an alien who couldn't find his way back to his flying saucer and his buddies left without him.  OK, you don't like that explanation?  Then you tell me what it is and where it came from.  Now, have a happy day and keep aware of what all is around you, you hear?

Friday, November 16, 2018


I just went outside and happened to look up and the sky was filled with vultures.  Well now, that brings up a question.  What is the difference between vultures and buzzards?  Well, I believe that vultures are very large birds that clean up all the dead things laying around.  Their official name is Turkey Vulture.

So, what is a Buzzard?  The word "buzzard" comes from the "buteo" which is the genus name for several species of fairly large raptors of the type of bird that we here in the U.S. call hawks.  BTW, I had to look this information up to make sure that I was correct.

After I spotted all those large birds, I ran into the house to get my camera and ran back out and the sky was clear.  I have no idea how they disappeared so fast.  That was disappointing.  I thought that I would have a picture of a sky full of Vultures to post for my readers, but I was wrong. . . sorry.  I know I am getting old but I thought that those vultures would at least wait until I fell over.  Now, watch out for Vultures and have a great day, you hear?

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

"Baby, it's cold outside".

I moved from the cold northern states to the sunny Gulf shore area of the great state of Texas.  I am not located on the shore but it is within a couple or so hours drive from my place.  We are far enough south to have fairly warm winters but not far enough to prevent some freezing.  Here, near Conroe, Tx. the early morning lows for today and tomorrow will be in the mid 20's with highs in the mid to upper 40's.  After that, it will get back up to normal temperatures for this area.

I am still sitting here in my rocker/recliner with my zip up sweatshirt on backwards.  Why backwards?  Well, sitting in this fabric covered high back chair, my back stays quite warm but the front of me can get cold, so why not wear the sweatshirt backward.  That way, it completely covers my front and I can still put my arms in the sleeves.  Don't laugh, it works for me except when I get up, it looks like I am walking backwards with my head completely turned around 180 degrees from normal.  Oh, you say that is normal for me???  Now, stay warm and have a great day, you hear?