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Friday, May 29, 2015

Wondering About the Worst US Disasters.

It seems that the U.S. disasters that took the most lives happened the furthest back in time and from natural causes.  The largest loss of life occurred in 1900 when a hurricane wiped out Galveston Island, Texas.  It claimed 6000 to 12,000 lives.  Since there were so many lost or missing, an accurate account could never be determined, but even the low number is still the highest loss of life that I could find and only shared that position with the 1906 earthquake and fire in San Francisco where 3,000 to 6,000 casualties happened.

The next, or 3rd most deadly disaster was also a hurricane that killed 3,000+ and caused huge amounts of damage.  The 4th disaster in loss of life was man made.  It was caused by terrorism when the hijacked airliners hit the twin towers in New York City and the Pentagon in D.C.  That caused over a billion dollars in damage, which is just a drop in the bucket compared to 108 billion that Hurricane Katrina caused, which was (so far) the costliest natural disaster in the history of the U.S.

The weatherman is calling for more rain, just what this rain-soaked and flooded area needs.  I guess those poor people who just got flooded out in Houston should hold off on the clean up.  Now make sure you all stay far away from any disaster and have a great day, you hear?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

What Are They Barking At??

Our dogs just love to bark at things.  It is like the story of the little boy who liked to cry "wolf"!  After awhile we don't take immediate action to see what it is that is disturbing them, although I sure don't need a door bell.
Yes, even are nice, cute little Shih-Tzu pups can make quite a racket.

Today, after I put them out, they started making quite a racket.  I figured there must be something bothering them and the thing I found has made them bark before; a turtle:

Can you see the scratch marks in the dirt on this side of the fence?  Those were made by my dogs trying to make the turtle move or get at it or what ever was on their mind.  Why was the turtle on the move?  Was it to lay eggs or did the heavy storms put too much water in the swamp and it was afraid that it would drown?

Sorry this is late getting posted.  Had to take the three pups up to the Feed Store where the Mobile Vet sets up once a month and we go there once a year to get our dogs their shots and heartworm medication.  A real nice service for us country folk with dogs.  They always have a huge turnout and today was no exception.  It was hot and they set up outside, so I feel much better getting back into the AC and the dogs are real happy to get home, too.  Sure hope you have a great day, you hear?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Gurgle Grugle Gulp Gulp

We got a little Texas sprinkle of rain here in this area.  It started around 03:00 with some rumbling and flashes of light in the dark sky.  It moved in fairly fast and I couldn't seem to get back to sleep and of course my wife got up, so I did, too.  My oldest pup is deathly afraid of thunder (or anything that goes bang or boom) and she turned my rocker/recliner into a vibrating chair again.  Then it hit and it rained and it rained and it rained.  Everything is saturated and most of creeks and rivers are already full, so it didn't have anywhere for it to run off.  I am high and dry but some places were not so lucky, like Houston, for instance.  Here are some pictures taken in and around Houston:

And another "yesterday and today" pic:
The first picture below shows what that area normally looks like, the second picture was taken today.
And the next series of three pictures taken of the same area at different times (with time stamps) shows just how fast the water came up:
And of course, Houston wasn't the only place affected.  Up here in Montgomery County where I live had its share, too.

We had a 70% chance of rain predicted for the first part of today but after that big storm front moved through, they have dropped the probability down to 30% for the rest of the day and the rest of the week.  I can live with that.  So, I guess I can take off my water wings and enjoy the rest of the day.  Speaking of water wings, I wondered if they still make and sell them, so I looked it up, and yes they do.  Now, keep your powder dry and have a great day, you hear?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wondering About John Wayne.

John Wayne is one of my favorite actors and I bet he is either on top or high up on your list of favorites.  He played a lot of different parts in a lot of different pictures, but he is most remembered for his westerns and even today, public polls show him as one of the most popular actors of all time!!  But let's start from the beginning.

John Wayne was born on this day in 1907 in Winterset, Iowa.  When he was sixteen years old, his family moved to Glendale, California.  When he was a teenager, he got up in the mornings at 04:00 to deliver newspapers and in the evening he played football and made deliveries for some local stores.  After high school, he attended the University of Southern California on a football scholarship.  His football coach found him a job in 1926 as an assistant prop man on the set of a movie directed by John Ford.  Mr. Ford started using him an extra, and he moved up from there to become the star we all remember.

His last movie was in 1976, The Shootist, and in it he played a  gunfighter who was dying of cancer and at the time he was fighting lung cancer.  Three years later, John Wayne died of his cancer.  I am sure he knew he had cancer when he made that movie, don't you think so?  Now, let me know what you think of John Wayne and the characters that he played and make real sure you all have a great day, you hear?

Monday, May 25, 2015

Buried in a Corvette.

Back on this day in 1994, a fellow by the name of George Swanson got his final wish but he had to wait until he died.  Have you ever loved a vehicle that you owned?  Yes, I know you liked a few just as my favorite car that I owned was my 1957 Chevy convertible, but not near as much as ole George loved his car, a 1984 Corvette.  He decided he wanted to be with that car for eternity.  So, how did he make this happen.
First, he purchased 12 burial plots at a cemetery that was located about 25 miles east of Pittsburgh and then he left instructions that he was to be cremated and his ashes were to be placed in the drivers seat of his beloved car and the two of them to be buried in those 12 plots.  The cemetery didn't want to do that but then finally decided to allow it.  His wife said that "George always said he lived a fabulous life, and he went out in a fabulous style.  You have a lot of people saying they want to take it with them.  He took it with him."  And he did.
Here is a link to that site if you want to read the whole story:
Do you have any special requests for your final resting place?  I would like my ashes spread down the path from our old camp, "Trail's End" in Pennsylvania, to where the swinging bridge used to be over Big Coon Creek.  Of course after I am dead, it really doesn't matter, does it?  So, they can do with me what ever they want, the cheaper the better.  Now, you all have a great day, you hear?

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wondering About Women's Shoes.

Before you even ask, I will say that I do not now or ever have worn women's shoes.  I prefer cowboy boots, my self and if I take them off I put on a pair of Crocs to wear around the house.  But, most women are different, they love shoes, love shoe shopping, and want multiple pairs of shoes.  Of course my wife is the exception. . .

I found some interesting (the nicest word I could think of to describe them) pictures on the Internet of some strange looking women's shoes and I thought maybe someone out there would be interested in seeing them.  Most of these need no explanation and even if they did, I couldn't explain them. . . but I will try.

This first pair is for some lady who wants to be a hoofed animal.  OK, what kind?  Is it a goat, a deer, . . . no, the hoof is not cloven or split, so it can't be a cow. 

OK, but why?

These are for people who would like to go bare-foot but have real tender feet or they are in a place that requires shoes to be worn:

So Punk?  You want to be tough?  Then get yourself a pair of these:

By the time you would get these on and all laced up, it would be time to start taking them off to go to bed. . . . again, why?

I guess these were designed for those women who just love to go bare-foot and feel the grass between their toes, but want the glamor of wearing high heels:

And this last pair. . . could they be for kick boxers' wives?

So, what do you think?  Do you have any explanation for those shoes?  Do you own any shoes similar to these?  Tell us if you do and are brave enough.  I guess anyone brave enough to wear stuff like this would be brave enough to tell.  Now, get your boots and shoes all shined and have a great day, you hear?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Special Day, A Special Person.

This is a special day for someone I love and believe them to be a very, very special person, my wife.  This is her birthday, and she is no longer 28, I believe that she just turned 29.  29 is a good age to be, right?  If she keeps on having birthdays, she may even catch up to me (grin).  And guess what she did?  Even though it is her birthday and she would never eat it, she cooked me my favorite, Louisiana white boudin sausage.  Yum, yum, it sure was good and I ate a whole great big plate full.

Well, I sure do need to do something special for her today or take her somewhere or something.  Not sure what or if I will be able to do anything special.  Oh well, I will just dedicate my blog today to the special lady in my life.  Now you all have a great day, you hear?