Wondering about wild grapes

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wondering, it Sure Feels Better.

Got my old Jeep Liberty back this morning.  Sure feels good to have that sturdy feel under me when driving down the road.  I don't know if it is because it is a four wheel drive and the springs are stronger for off road driving or if it is just built better than that rental car.  I am sure my Jeep has had a lot better care than the rental.  Now, don't get me wrong, the rental car served its purpose and it was a good car, it just wasn't a Jeep.  Like I said yesterday, my Jeep is ten years old and still going strong.

It has a V-6 engine in it and has all the power and get-up-and-go that I need and maybe more than I need.  The gas mileage ain't the greatest but like I told someone awhile back, it just went 2600 miles on one tank of gas.  I did fail to mention that it was being towed behind the motorhome. (grin)  The engine should still be in great shape but there may be some wear to the wheel bearings and differentials, since they turn when being towed.

Now a lot of RVers call their towed vehicle "a toad".  My Jeep does not like to be called a toad.  It says if you call me a toad, kiss my tail pipe and I will turn into a handsome prince or princess, which ever suits you.  I bet it wouldn't like to be called a dingy, either.  Now, what do you call the vehicle you tow behind your RV?  What ever, just have a great day, you hear?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wondering About Jeep Service.

My Jeep Liberty is now ten years old.  It has, and continues to be a great dependable vehicle that has given me very little trouble.  I took it in this morning for its scheduled service.  They plugged a tablet into it and said it needed a lot of stuff done.  I was about ready to shoot that tablet!!  As far as I know, they have never done that before.  Maybe that dang thing is pre-programed to find all kinds of problems.  The service guy started reading of the list.  That list looked like Santa's long list of bad kids. . .

To make a long story short, they wanted a grand or so to service it.  I told them to skip the alignment part so I got it down to eight hundred.  Still an awful lot as far as I am concerned.  They have a building on their lot that is occupied by Enterprise car rental and the Jeep service man said that they would take care of the rental cost.  So, I drove home in a dark blue Nissan Versa. 
I told him the least he could have done was let me have a car that was made in America.  After getting home, I looked it up and dang, they do make them here.  In fact, they make them here, in Mexico, and in Japan.  Anyway, it is transportation if needed.  I sure hope they get my Jeep back to me today, but I have my doubts.  Tomorrow morning is grooming day for the pups and one condition of the rental was, "No Pets".  I guess I better call today and change the appointment.  Now, you all have a great day, you hear?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Wondering About an External Hard Drive

I got digging around in the stuff that I removed from my office to decide what gets put back in and what gets discarded.  I didn't get too far because right there on top of the pile was something I purchased a few years ago and so far haven't used it.  I found an external hard drive.  Here is a picture of the box I found:

And here is a picture I found on the Internet:

 I have a few old computers lying around and it would be easier to take the hard drives out of them and view them on my laptop using the above adapter.  That way, I don't have to mess around with monitors and cables and such, just plug this unit into an USB port on my laptop and browse the hard drive.  Sounds like a plan to me, of course I am not going to rush into anything.  Heck, it may involve some work getting the old computers apart.  Of course my curiosity will get the best of me and I will have to see what is on some of the old hard drives.  Most will probably just have old AutoCAD and Inventor drawing files.  But then, I may also find some interesting stuff, like pictures that I have forgotten about.  Now, you all keep your hard drives spinning and have a great day, you hear? 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wondering Why the Heat affected Me and the Memorial Wall.

No, it wasn't excessively hot nor was the humidity out of the ordinary for this time of year here in this area.  The temperature now is in the mid 90's but this morning it was in the upper 80's and warmed to the low 90's.  For some reason, it got to me when we at the flea market.  I was dragging.  My skin was cool and clammy and I wasn't feeling all that great.  I told my wife and she told me to go into the air-conditioned building where the snack bar is located and get a drink.  I did, and I got a big ole cup of ice and put unsweetened tea in it.  After slowly drinking it, I started to feel much better.  I am now in my air-conditioned home, sitting on the couch with a running fan pointing at me.  This is my normal place to sit and my unpleasant experience at the flea market is now just becoming a memory.
My wife found a GI JOE item there this morning.  It was the Vietnam Wall Memorial:

The above picture is one I borrowed off the Internet to show you what it should look like.  She got the box and the wall, but no GI Joe.  I guess he went home or something.

We got it home and put fresh batteries in it and dang, it worked!!  It lit up, so I took a picture of it to show you what it looks like when lighted:
I think it looks great!!  Now, you all have a great day, you hear?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wondering About Proms.

High school proms are and were a special event.  In fact, Disney even has dolls depicting that event.  Here is a picture of one of them that I got off the Internet:
I was going through some things that I had moved out of my "office" and found some old pictures of my wife's and my prom.  We went to two of them, the first was my Junior prom.  Here is a picture of us when I picked her up at her parents' home:
Notice that I had a short, neat hair cut.  Now didn't we make a cute couple?  Then we were off to the junior prom.  The decorations included empty bottles sitting around on the tables: 
 Then the next year was my last prom, the senior prom.  It was a year later and we were both a year older and of course the hair styles changed:

Now wasn't that a sweet picture?  Now you all are not getting off that easy, I have one more picture of the prom:
Just think how long my wife and I have been a couple!  We were married a few years later and have been married for over 50 years.  My wife still looks great but me, not so much.  I am old and grey.  Hey, one of us has to age (grin).  Now, how many of you remember your proms?  Did you marry your prom date?
I hope I brought back some pleasant memories for you all.  They were for me.  Now, I want you all to have a great day, you hear? 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Wondering About Modern Gadgets.

Oh yes, I know that title can include a whole lot of things, but lately a lot of our modern gadgets have us pulling our hair out!!  There have been a lot of things quit or malfunction around here lately.  My wireless printer, copier, scanner decided it didn't want to talk to my computer, or maybe the computer didn't want to talk to it.  I even took my computer and held it right next to the printer, but nothing happened.  So then I decided to connect it directly and went to get a USB cable, knowing I had lots of them, but do you believe that I couldn't find even one of them.  You see, all my office stuff was moved out of the office so that a new floor could be put down and I have never moved the crap back in there. . . maybe tomorrow or the next day or the next week or the next month or the next year or ....

My wife, my son, and I have satellite radios which are all on our account.  We got one new radio to replace one that malfunctioned and the day before yesterday, we went to town to buy a dock to play it in.  The store in Conroe didn't have one but called the one in The Woodlands and that store did, so we went down there and got it.  We brought it home and all worked well until we called in had the other one turned off.  Well, wouldn't you know it, they did turn her old one off but they turned my radio off, too.  My wife called today, and would you believe that it took an hour and a half on the phone with someone in another country to try and get it all straightened out.  It wouldn't work so now we had to pay for a new unit.  This one will come complete with the radio and dock, so it should work.  But, I am not going to bet the farm on it. . . So, I guess now we have to go to town and get a printer, copier, scanner unit to replace the one that got mad at my computer and will not talk to it.  I am losing enough hair as it is and sure don't want to pull any more out.  I sure hope all of you have a great day, you hear?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wondering About Bales of Hay.

Hey, I was just wondering about hay.  Yesterday my neighbor baled the hay that was grown on his field that borders my property.  He had cut it awhile back and then had it raked into rows for the baling machine.  It was a hot, sunny day yesterday and I would think a good time to bail it while everything is dry.  This morning, I took a couple of pictures which, of course, I will share with you.
I was standing on my property when I took both pictures.  In the next picture, you can see a grassy road along the side of the field.  Just on this side of the road is the border of our properties.  There property is mostly open whereas our property is mostly wooded, except for the swamp.

OK, got to go.  Have things to do and am also expecting an insurance adjuster to show up this morning.  Remember the broken pipes and fittings under my house?  You all have a great day, you hear?

PS, I went back and corrected my spelling of bales.  Sorry, I was never a good speller.