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Monday, October 18, 2010

Wandering about HEE-HAW

No, I don’t mean the sound a mule makes, but the old TV show with that title. For you too young to remember that show, its hosts were Buck Owens and Roy Clark. The show was first aired back in 1969. Wow, I really looked forward to watching it every week. With Junior Samples, Lulu Roman, Grandpa Jones, Archie Campbell, and Gordie Tapp doing their best to make us laugh, and they sure did. The Hagar Brothers, twins, also supplied music and laughter along with a lot of big name special guests.

Like I said, I used to look forward to that show each week, and, believe it or not, I still do. Yep, in fact I watched it last night. It had Roy Rogers and Dale Evans on as special guests. Ain’t it great to have a time machine and go back to the past where things seemed simpler?

Yep, I sure do have a time machine. It is called RFDTV. Not only does it have HEE HAW on but also The Wilburn Brothers Show, the Porter Wagoner Show, and Pop! Goes the Country. Do you remember any of them? I am not going to give you links to them, if you want to learn more, Google them for yourself (grin).

Also, RFDTV has the Country’s Family Reunion show that interviews some of the country entertainers who have been around for awhile and they sing and tell stories about the “good old days” and Crook & Chase, who have both old stuff and new. RFDTV also has Gospel music shows, bluegrass music shows, country music shows with some from Branson, Mo., and it even has a Polka show. Here is a link to all the music and entertainment shows on RFDTV, Click Here.

I am going to leave you with something I heard on HEE-HAW last night that made me laugh the loudest. I may not get it word for word, but here is what I remember:

It was one guy talking to another about politics. The first guy said that no one should compare an election to a horse race.

The other guy asked why.

The fist guy answered this way. “Cause in a horse race, the whole horse runs.”


  1. I think Hee Haw is where I first learned bout Roy Clark and his playing. Was a fun show and if memory serves me right had some good looking eye candy women as well.

  2. Oh yeah Ben, some nice look'n women. This was the hardest blog that I ever published. Will tell you about it later.

  3. I saw Roy Rogers and Dale Evans at the Belle Fouche Rodeo when I was a kid and I was star struck and I also won a silver dollar sheep wrestling!

  4. Frann, Glad you got to see them in perseon, I never had that chance. Did see Gabby Hayse once when he drove past my house in a convertible. I sat on the bank over-looking the main highway for hours until he finally came by, beard and all.

    What is sheep wrestling? I guess that might be something like bull-dogging cows.

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