Wondering about wild grapes

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just Some Wonderings

I have been wondering why in the world I fixed my lawn mower. Now I have no excuse not to cut the grass. I mowed for the last four days and finally got the grass cut around the house. Wow, dusty hard work, pushing that thing through that tall grass. Just don’t understand how green grass can be so very, very dusty. I thought that I had a sun tan but it washed off.

The wonder of the universe. . . Wow!! I didn’t go out and look last night, but did the preceding two nights. I told you what I saw the first night. One thing interesting is Jupiter and its moons. Because of their great distances, most things seem very slow to change, except for the apparent movement caused by the Earth’s rotation. The phases of solar system bodies do change fairly quickly but it, too, takes time. So, I was a little surprised to see the changes in Jupiter’s four largest moons. The first night, there were three moons on one side and one on the other. The next night all four moons were on the same side. Jupiter’s inner moon’s rotation is very fast.

Remember your Mother telling you that you should drink at least eight glasses of water every day? That statement is not true but got started by a misunderstanding of the facts. The fact was a statement made that a typical person takes in about eight glasses worth of water per day. This amount includes all the moisture in the foods that we consume. So, don’t over hydrate unless you live in the desert. . .

Take time today to go outside, sit down, and be in wonder over the beauty and awe of Nature.


  1. You sound like me Dizzy,, we need a trustworthy teenage kid to come by and do it for us huh?

  2. That's my plan for the day DD. A post to do first though...

  3. DD...get the tractor going and plow all the grass under and plant ground cover, vinica is nice. I have never understood the concept of mowing.

  4. Ben, I should but I do need the exercise.

    TFT, yep, taking in the beauty of nature makes for a better day.

    Frann, Too many trees to plow. That is why I use a puch mower around the house, to get around all the trees.