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Friday, October 8, 2010

Wandering to Huntsville State Park

Decided to wander up to Huntsville State Park yesterday. We have stayed there in the RV before, but yesterday we just walked and drove around. They have been fixing it up and it looks pretty good.

Well, let’s start from the beginning. This is a typical picture of the park road coming into and out of the State Park:

The Park has 2083.2 acres and a 210 acre lake named Lake Raven from the crow like birds that live there. The next three pictures are of the lake:

And over near the other shore is one of the fishermen spotted on the lake:

Speaking of fishing, here is one of several fishing piers on the lake. This is one of the old original ones:

Except for the lake, the entire park is coved in the rich East Texas forest, consisting of pine and hard woods.

And a turtle, the alligator’s favorite food, trying to stay warm in the sun.

And to prove that we were really there, here is my wife and one of our dogs, Gizzy.

The park has all types of camping areas, from tent camping to full RV hook-up and everything in between. These screened in shelters are one of the “in between” areas:

And of course there are picnic tables everywhere:

Enough roads, trails, and gentle hills to keep you in shape walking or riding a bike.

OK, “The Old Fat Man”, pay attention!! This would be a nice place for you to have too much fun. This sign reminded me of you:

It really is a nice park and this time of year, during the week, it is quite peaceful. Give it a try.
Don't forget, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them.


  1. A very beautiful place you have there...

  2. If a man can't find beauty where he looks, he isn't looking hard enough. Of course that is why I don't like to look into a mirror.

    Yes, Keith, East Texes with all its forests, is a beautiful place. But modern man finds a way to ruin a lot of it.

  3. Nice place you are .. been there for daytime things a time or two in the distance past..
    Even caught a big enough bass ouita there to feed us.. But that was a loong time ago.

  4. Hey Ben, the bass are now catch and release only. All the other fish you can keep.

    One of the last times I was there saw an alligator the size of my canoe. it was heading for my wife and daughter-in-law on the shore with the dogs, but stopped and ate a big turtle. The CRUNCH was reall loud.

  5. DD, I have spent a few nights and days there when I lived near or in Houston. The loop trail around the outside edge of the park was a major training trail for off road biking thirty years ago. Well done coverage of the park. It used to stay booked months ahead of time on weekends.

  6. I think Huntsville and Garner State Park were the places to be in the '60's!

  7. Barney, I have only stayed at the RV sites one time for a few days and it was not crowded and I didn't reserve it. However, I usually camp in the off season and during the week.

    Fred, thanks for stopping by. I have never been to Garner State Park. Been to a few other ones, and would like to go to all of them.