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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Request for Flower Pots

I received a request from a wonderful friend who wanted to see some more of my wife’s flower pots. My wife makes some out of other things and paints them to resemble real clay pots and takes real clay pots and paints them different base colors. See the first picture on “my-wife’s-projects-part-2” to see one made from a plastic coffee container.

Here is a picture of 11 containers and pots that she has made:

The next three pictures are close-ups of the last picture:

Very special friends sent my wife a basket of beautiful plants after her Mom passed away. After awhile, it was noticed that in order for the plants to survive, they would have to be repotted into larger pots. So, she purchased the correct size clay pots and of course painted them. Here is a picture of the main three plants in their new homes:

And here is a picture of the vines in their new pot:

I am going to quit here. I have shown you enough to get the idea of what she can do and I hope you have enjoyed seeing them. I am just so proud of her artistic work. She is never satisfied and is always trying something new.

Remember, click on pictures to enlarge.


  1. Man!!! She is one talented lady!!! Beautiful!!

    Now! When you gonna let her re-paint the Motor Home?

  2. Guess after I get her a bigger brush and a lot more paint.

  3. Hey DD,,here's a link to give her an idea of you new paint job.. Maybe you can make it show up on your blog..


  4. mizdeb, My wife says thanks.

    Ben, my wife says she gathering up her paints and for you to wash your car real good because she is coming up to your place to PRACTICE on your car. After she is done, you will have to grow long hair to drive the "hippy" art car.

  5. Ruth is one talented lady DD and smart enough too to marry you!

  6. OK, Keith, you would make a good politician. Playing both ends, Ruth and me in one short sentence. But, yes I have to agree with you. :o)

  7. Gorgeous,she could sell those at a craft show!