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Monday, October 11, 2010

Wondering About Hic-Ups

I seem to get hic-ups more these days. That kind of worries me because I remember my Grandpa getting them and not being able to stop them. He had them for weeks and weeks and was getting worn out from them. The doctors at that time tried everything they knew to stop them along with all the old home remedies anyone could think of and nothing seemed to work. His doctor said that if they didn’t quit within another week or so that they would have to operate and cut some nerve.

Maybe this was just their way of scaring him so the hic-ups would quit. Well, it must have worked, they started to let up and finally quit on their own.

My wife yells at me to “Stop That” when I get them. It usually works when she does that and I either stop immediately or after one more hic. See, fear works (grin).

There are a lot of embarrassing places to get hic-ups. I can think of quite a few, can’t you? Let us hear about some of them.

The worst place to come down with loud hic-ups that I can imagine would be in that deer stand just seconds before that trophy buck is about to step out in the open. You know, the one you have been scouting for since last year and the one that you passed up other nice bucks for and now it is the last day of the season and there he is!!! Perfect, now just one more step and . . . HIC!! He’s gone. . .

A friend of mine sent me a cute link to a video about tagging a momma bear and her cubs up in Canada. It has very entertaining commentary and you may learn something and laugh at the same time. Here is the link, click here.

Well, that is it for today. I actually have a paying job to do, so better get started on it.


  1. a teaspoon of sugar, chewed and swallowed will stop my hiccups

    And those guys tagging those bears are nutzo~~~

  2. a sip of vinegar works instantly, with all the ones ive seen. let me know if it works for u.

  3. I don't remember the last time I had the hiccups! I don't want them, either!

  4. Ben & Trouble, my hiccups don't last very long, (my wife sees to that) so they would be gone before I got the cure ingredients out. I will try the cures and see which one works best and let you know.

    Jim, they are a nuisence and be glad you don't get them.

  5. I don't get hiccups that often, but I hate it when I sneeze in the car, while driving up to a red traffic light or a Round-a-bout.

    I must be allergic to red lights and round-a-bouts.

  6. Howdy Pip, yep a sneeze at the wrong time can cause a lot of trouble. A round-a-bout over here is called a traffic island. Don't know why they use the word "traffic" when they are filled with pedestrians trying to not get hit. Nove close by here. The pedestrians have to run for safety (grin).