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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wandering Around My Place Back in ‘05

I came across a few pictures that I took over five years ago back on April 4, 2005 when I took a walk around my “swamp”. Thought that you would like to see them. For you readers that live up north, yes it is that green here the first part of April and earlier. Actually, the hardwoods lose their leaves in late December and start to come back out in February. Yes, we do have winter here in Cut-N-Shoot, Texas. A couple of years ago it was on a Thursday in early February (grin). Actually, last winter here lasted more than a month, but it didn’t get below freezing everyday, and the days it did, it warmed up to the 60's and some times 70's after the sun came up.

I will show you the pictures in the order they were taken, which will give you an idea what my walk was like. This first picture is taken from the old section of the swamp looking south:

Next, I was walking south on the path along the part of the swamp that was in the last picture:

And, a little further along into the wooded section:

Tuning around and looking back the other way:

And then straight across, looking to the west-south-west:

Back into the wooded part:

Looking out of trees to the north-west:

Back along the trail:

Almost back to where we started from. This is the “new” part of the swamp. One year when it dried up completely, I dug a small part of this section out to make a six foot or so deeper hole as a haven for the aquatic life, if we ever had such another severe draught. You can’t see the “hole” since the whole swamp is full and covers about five acres or so. Before I forget, here is the picture:

Three times around the swamp is 1.1 miles, so, back in the day that I did a fast paced walk (for my health) I went around 9 times and thus walked for 3.3 miles. Maybe I ought to start waling again? Maybe when it gets a little cooler.

Ok, that is your tour for today. But, if you would like, go to my old blog “My Swamp” to see some other pictures of it, a couple on a rare frosty morning.

Then, go to another old blog “Where Did the Water Go?” and see it as it was early in September. It was really low. We haven’t had any rain at all since then, so I am afraid to go look at it. It just might be a desert out there by now. Sure hope not.

Maybe I will walk on down there today and take an up-to-date picture and put it on tomorrow’s blog. Too many trees between the swamp and my house to see it from here.

You all have good day now, you hear?


  1. Good pictures , really gives us an idea of what the Estate looks like.
    Every think of selling out the hardwood to a lumber company? They will come in, cut it, then landscape ,and replant saplings. You'd end up with cash in hand, and road, or path through and a new growth of trees.

  2. Yep Ben, my wife has wanted me to do that for years. The pines and the hardwoods. But it wouldn't be the place I like if it didn't have mature trees. Trees make me feel good and at peace.

  3. love it, all the critters it has, im sure.
    but,,,,maybe something wrong with me, cant make ur math work. 3 times around = 1.1,,,then,, 3.3?? lololollol

  4. Thanks Trouble, I corrected it. I went around nine (9) times. There, now it ain't modern math (grin).

  5. Howdy ~mc~. Thanks, it was a lot nicer before hurricane Ike came through. But the places in these old pictures still look the same, except there if very little water.

    TFT, Sort of, I guess. Never thought of that. Of course you have a way of coming up with things that I would never think of. . .

  6. SWAMP! Mosquitos, chiggers, poison oak, poison ivy, crazy spiders, snakes! But very pretty.

  7. Great Photos! I walk 3 to 4 miles a day. I would love to do a little swamp walking but I don't think we have any swamps around here :-)

  8. Fran, actually the fish eat most of the mosquito larvae, and the owls and hawks try there best to get rid of the snakes. Not as bad as you may think.

    Old Geezeer, I really do need to get walking again. I have stayed inside during the heat and used my Gazelle. It is still near 90 so may wait a little longer.