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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Swamp & Eyes

Yesterday I showed you what my “swamp” should look like in normal weather, but this year we have had a draught. All the counties around here are under an outside burn ban. No outside fires are allowed. One spark could start a grass or forest fire that could do a lot of damage since everything is so very dry.

I also said that I would take some pictures of what it looked like yesterday, which I did. This is by far, not the worst draught that this area has gone through. The year that I dug the deep hole was the worst I had ever seen. When I first moved to this location, you couldn’t dig a post hole without hitting water, but in the last 20 or so years, it seems to have been getting drier and drier in this area. I had to put an extra 20 foot of pipe to lower the foot valve in my well. Ran out of water and thought the well went dry, but the water level just dropped some.
Anyway, this is a picture of the lower section which is now only six inches deep. In yesterday’s pictures it was up to the trees on the left side, and filled about 5 acres with water.

Look at the last picture on yesterday’s blog. I had to walk down past all those trees out to where you see that log laying in the water. No water at the log now, just in the hole I dug on the far side of it. At least the hole is working as a sanctuary for the aquatic life.

Now, to change the subject. Hermit Jim got a cataract removed from one of his eyes yesterday and commented on how well he could see and colors were brighter. Well now, I have to agree with him. I had my cataracts removed after I got home from our trip to Terlingua last April. The first operation was done May 17th and the second one was done June 7. One of the benefits of getting one eye done at a time, is that you can compare the “fixed” eye to the “old” one.

The first one was quite an experience for two reasons. First, I didn’t know what all was going to happen and second, there was a slight problem that turned out to be something I had a big laugh about. Let me explain.

First of all, let me say that I refused any relaxing shot or anesthetic except for the drops in the eye and was, therefore, in control of all my senses. I didn’t want to miss a thing (grin). A stretchable membrane was placed over my face and hole cut for my eye. I very bright light was placed close to my eye. It was moving around a bit, so I asked the surgeon if I was suppose to follow the light with my eye. He said no that it was not suppose to be moving. He told the nurses to tighten the knobs. That didn’t work, so I heard him say to get some tape and tape it in place. Not being able to see anything except that light, I had no idea what was going on.

Well, the light stopped moving and the doc started the process. I knew this when things turned a red hue. . . All went well thereafter and in less than 7 minutes they were getting me ready to get up off the table. As soon as they got me seated in the wheel chair, I looked up and just laughed out loud. All that fancy equipment in there looked like it got “papered” at Halloween. You know, when kids toss toilet paper all over the trees and buildings. They had used white medical type tape and had it wrapped around everything. I asked the doctor if I should bring my own duct tape for the next eye. Of course the next time, the equipment was fixed.

All went great after both until the Friday night before the Fourth of July weekend. I woke up in the middle of the night with the most severe eye pain that I have ever had and it kept getting worse. Tears were streaming out of that one eye down my face. I waited until morning and called the surgeon’s office. Just a recording. Tried multiple times but to no avail. Found out later that there was a problem with the switching mechanism that switched you to the answering service. The Fouth of July weekend is not a good time to have an emergency.

I gave up and called my Optometrist’s office. Everyone was off except for one lady who was leaving in an hour. I rushed in and she took care of me. I had a severe case of inflammation. Other than that, I had no other problems. I can see so much better. Do not need glasses to drive anymore. That is a real plus. Do need glasses for close up work, but can live with that.

The added bonus was colors. Cataracts have a yellowish hue and when you look at blue or purple through a yellow lens you get a green tint and the sky was sort of a blue-grey. I could not believe how vivid blues and purples are now!!! Now it is blue sky from now on.


  1. I see what you mean about similar happenings, except I let them give me a "relaxing" IOV and use numbing drops in the eye!

    Still, even knowing things would be better...IO was not prepared for how much better!

    I haven't worn my glasses yet! Actually, I see better without them than with them! Cool!

  2. I gotta give you credit! As part of a leaving home gift, when I was 19, the summer after I graduated high school and before I went off to college, my Dad wanted to get me in for Lasik. Now I've been extremely nearsighted all my life, so I wasn't particularly going to miss my glasses, but when they got my on the table, they put this metal clamp in my eye. My natural reaction was so strong that they clamp broke.

    When it comes time, they are going to have to put me out cold for a cataract.

  3. Jim, Hope yours comes out as good or better than mine. I have no complaints, that is after the inflamation went away. No one seems to know why that happened. No problem what so ever on the first eye done. I had lenses put in that gave me better night vision. Could have opted for the type where I wouldn't need reading glasses, but did not.

    Grant, the cataract removal procedure is not at all bad. Only takes a few minutes and you see better right away and your sight improves the next day or so.

  4. I wish my Mother would have had that procedure done when the docs told her too a few years ago. She won't be blind in that one eye like now.

  5. Ben, is it too late to still do it? If it has only been a couple of years since she was told to have it, maybe it still can be done.