Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wondering why I am so stupid

Last night and this morning, I am wondering why I am so stupid. Yesterday I was so proud of getting my mower back up and running after a long down time. So, then I had no excuse but to cut some grass. Now my back and legs are hurting. Just how stupid can I get? I had it made when I couldn’t cut the grass, now I will be cutting all weekend and maybe into next week.

No, I don’t cut my entire place anymore. Not since the old Farmall 200 tractor quit running a few years ago. 12 acres minus the 5 acre swamp is still a lot of cutting. So it all went back to nature. Well, most of it anyway. I sure miss that five foot brush hog.

I guess I have been stupid since I was young. I remember way back when I was small, my Dad slapped my rear for something bad I had done, only one light swat. I was stupid enough to tell him that it didn’t hurt. . .

I have done a lot of stupid things; remember my blog “Fishing for. . . . What?”

I have done a lot of other stupid things in my life, remembering some makes me wonder why I made it this far in life. Will not go into anymore of them, I am getting embarrassed.

Went to Wal-Mart yesterday to get stocked up, which reminded me of this. Quite often, they have people giving out samples, passing out information, and taking surveys. This one guy was taking a survey in the toilet paper section. He had a package of White Cloud in one hand and Northern in the other and was asking this older gentleman which he preferred. The older gentleman answered, “Depends”.


  1. I try not to remember the many things I've done that are stupid...or make me look stupid! Too many to write about, but at least I've got a lot of good company!

    I guess that's how we learn, buddy!

  2. Dizzy it might take someone that is losing it to get it. I got it.

  3. HJ, I have way too many times I have seemed stupid and way too many times when I really was. Glad I got some company. :)

    Hey Ted, I lost it a long time ago :-0

  4. Don't matter if you remember the "DUH" moments or not. It's for sure your wife , good buddy or family member will and bring it up at an opportune moment!!

  5. Yep Ben, you are right. Except the ones they don't know about (grin).