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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wondering About Product Brands

I got up early this morning. Didn’t want to be up early because one of my Shih Tzu’s was sick off and on through the night. So, I didn’t get much sleep, but this is the fourth Saturday of the month and that means the Ham Breakfast. You all remember, in an old post I mentioned the Amateur Radio breakfast that I go to, don’t you? Well, I don’t know what was wrong, but there wasn’t anyone there. I waited for about 15 minutes and went on about my life.

My microphone cord broke on the VHF radio that I had in the Jeep, so couldn’t call anyone to find out what was going on. Usually when there are five Saturdays in the month, I forget to go on the fourth, so maybe everyone else forgot and I was the only one that remembered. Then too, maybe they changed the meeting place without letting me know.

Have you ever wondered how well you would do in a test to see if you could name a product from just hearing a tone, or seeing a mascot, or reading a slogan, or whatever? Well, there is a test on line that you can take. I will tell you up front that I did miss a couple. Yes, I know that is a let down for you all, since you thought I was a genius or something. (Actually, you thought I was something, but don’t know what.)

Why don’t you try this test? Even if you miss a question, it will give you the correct answer. Here is the link to it, click HERE.

Now, I want every one to tell me how you did on the test. I missed two but on a couple of them, I was just a good guesser. (grin)


  1. I got four correct including the three wild guesses.

  2. I got 16 outta 20, how'd I do? :-)

  3. Barner, I guess I am the only one that watches all the commercials. My wife doesn't. I'll ask her if she thought that commercial was funny, and she will say, "what commercial".

    Yes Ben, you did good. If I had missed on my guesses, I would have gotten less than that. You know, I didn't even know the Pillsbury dough boy's name!!

  4. I got 75%. The ones I got wrong were because I haven't lived in the US for over 20 years and some of the company slogans have probably changed 7 times since I lived there. Companies that don't really live outside the US.

    But I probably would have got 100%.

    Righto, enough sulking.

  5. Hey Pip, I think that is pretty good for not watching American TV adds. You must be psychic. You did fantatastic for not living here.

    Thanks for joining the fun.

  6. I missed two of them! Guess I need some more coffee! But then, I hate commercials!

    You have a good day!

  7. got 10 out of the 20,,,dont do commercials. lol,,,did u ever get my email?