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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wondering Why I Have Nothing

Ok, I sat down here at the computer more than two hours ago with the best intentions of writing an interesting and informative blog, but here I sit with nothing to say. . .

I even looked at every one's blog, my email, and nothing went off in my head. There was one email I wanted to expound on, but thought I better not. Nuff said about that.

Why is it that sometimes a person just can't come up with a good subject. I am sure about now you are saying to yourself, "Why don't this guy just shut up if he doesn't have anything to say". Well, I have been saying that for years about a lot of people, especially lawyers and politicians. Never thought that you would be saying it to me. :o(

Not looking forward to a project that I have to do, and today is as good as any to "get er done". Remember way back, I told you about the plumbing job I had to do under the house? Well, I let that area exposed to the air so that it would dry out. Didn't want to wait this long, but you know how it is when you get as old as I am, when you get up in the morning and turn around once, three days go by. (grin). Anyhow, got to get it done. Probably got some varmints moved into the lower condo by now. Opossums have been a problem in the past even when there was no apparent way for them to move in.

Tell you what, if I think of something earth shaking, I will add it to the post later. But, if were you, I wouldn't hold my breath.


  1. So,, you are NOT going to take my advice from back then and HIRE a kid plumber to git under there ? Silly!! Before you git under there, set out your extra strength Advil for later.. You know you gonna need it. :-)

  2. Know what ya talk'n bout Dizzy. Sometimes the mind just goes blank....but don't think for a minute that you are "brain dead". It's work'n...just not on what you had in mind for it to do.
    If'n ya pour you a hot cup, go outside and sit on the porch for a spell, let your mind wander. It gonna come up with something.
    I found that when ya have a task to do that ya don't wanna to do, ya can't think bout things ya wanna do.

  3. No easy answer for ya on this one, my friend! My mind is as blank sometimes as my bank account...if I had a bank account!

    I think that's why they invented YouTube!

  4. Thanks guys, you all know how to give good advice and to make me feel better. Ben, I am already sore from some digging I had to do yesterday, so might as well "get er done" today. I have put it off all morning, now will have to do it this afternoon, or when ever:-)

  5. Hello ... I finally made it over here, and you have nothing to say ... HeeHee :)

  6. Welcome ~mc~. Sorry you came the day I had nothing to say. Happened once before. I hope you can find something of interest in my old blogs. I have done 96 of them, one each day, since July 16th. Put pics of some of my trips, my wife's crafts, my telescope, rail road lanterns, just about everything I have done or seen. I have been to the Field Lab and petted Bonita and like Miss Field Lab pictures, sure is a cute little girl you got there.

  7. I did nothing yesterday DD but I did'nt get it all finished so I had to do the last bit today...

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  9. Hey TFT, sounds like a plan, but you better get started or you may have to take the whole week to get finished.

    Nasa Info, I levt another comment on your last blog and I added you to the blogs that I follow. Nice picture of the spiral galaxy.