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Monday, October 25, 2010

Wondering about Someone

Have you ever had someone on your mind and found out that your spouse had the same people on her mind at the same time? And then, out of the blue the phone rings and it is that person?

Well, that happened to me last night. A couple who are very good friends of ours called last night. Haven’t heard from them for some time. Both my wife and I had been thinking about them all weekend.

We went to the Flea Market yesterday and that fortified our thoughts of this person, since the last time we had seen them was when we met them there and we went through the flea market together. They then took off in their motor-home. They came to rest in a small town near the Gulf coast between here and Florida. They are doing very well and of course it makes us feel good that they are and still thinking of us.

Now, I am still wondering how people seem to communicate just by thinking about each other. Believe me, this was not science fiction.

I have to run. Have a lot on my list of things to do and most of them have to be done this morning. You all have a good day and I will visit your blogs later today.


  1. Yea, I used to be real attuned to reading those signs. In Fact at one time my Mother and I would know when the other was going to call. But not so much anymore.

  2. Howdy Ben, It seems it works sometimes and other times it doesn't. My wife is a lot better at knowing things in advance then I am.

  3. Yep... Used to happen a lot more often than now. When I was at Ft Hood was the first time I noticed something was going on. I was driving along with one of my buddies in the car and we passed a guy walking down the road. Not long after that we drove by a water tower and I told my buddy "That guy walking back there is going to jump off of that water tower. About 30 minutes later he did. Since then I've seen car wrecks before they happen and all sorts of other stuff. Sort of scary really.

  4. Dang David, that is scarry!! Can you give me the winning Lotto numbers for next Wednesday?

    My wife saved a life or two because she warned a friend about taking a trip in a small aircraft, seems she sensed a problem. He had the pilot double check everything and found a rag a mechanic had left in the cowling or somewhere where it would have caused a fire. They then had a safe flight.

  5. Pretty wild, buddy! I guess that we are in tune with one another , some more than others!

    I'd be listening to the wife pretty closely, I think!

  6. Howdy Jim, Yes, I always listen to the wife for more reasons than one :-) I think we all get premenitions, but it takes a special skill to recognize them and try to make some sense out of them. We all need to tune in to the universe.

  7. As you may have read on my blog, something along similar lines happened to me last week.

    It makes you stop and think, is there more to what we just see, hear, touch, smell?

  8. Yes Pip, I believe that there is much more.