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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wondering about the Cut & Soot Post Office

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the area where I live. A lot of people don’t believe there is a place called “Cut & Shoot” even if it is in Texas. I tell them that I am just west of Security and south of Point Blank. And that is also a correct statement.

Some day I will go into some of the history of this area, but today I want to talk about the post office. A lot of the confusion comes from that fact that if you “Google” our zip code, 77306; it tells you that it is for Conroe, TX. OK, I will buy that, since our post office is a branch of the main one in Conroe, but in another way I don’t buy that. The zip code “77306” is only for the boxes at the Cut and Shoot Post Office and nowhere else. My mailing address, since I have a post office box at the Cut and Shoot Post Office, has a 77306 zip code but my physical address has a 77303 zip code. This all gets very confusing especially when you get things shipped to you.

I do not have a mail box at my property, so when I order something, I have to know if it will be shipped UPS or USPS so I know which address to give.

Since I have been here, there have been two post office buildings at the same location. The first one was a unique wooden building with the old style boxes. It had an old comfortable “homey” feel to it. When it was decided that a new building was needed, the old one was trucked to a park in Magnolia, TX and put on display along with an old rail-road depot. I am glad it was not destroyed but sure to miss it. At least it is now preserved for many more people to enjoy.

Fist of all, let me show you an old picture taken quite a few years ago of the sign for the old post office. This should prove that it is real:

Now let me show you a series of pictures of the old post office building the way it used to be:

Now compare it to the new modern one we have today:

And a close up of the name; just to prove once and for all that there is a post office at Cut and Shoot, Texas and it is alive and well, no matter what Google says!!!


  1. Same thing has happen here at Lillian ( little bitty town I live near and get my mail from) .

    Our Main distribution post office is down in Alvarado, and all mail must go through there first, Cause like you when I try to order some thing it pops up Alvarado first as my zip.. Causes all sorts of confusion for shipping companies.

    Fortunately UPS knows where we are,, FedEx not so much.

  2. Hey Ben, Sometimes I think that FedEx couldn't find their way out of a paper bag. UPS does a good job down here.

  3. DD, I had an old friend and coworker that lived in C&S all his life.

  4. Well Barney, I have only lived here for about 30 years, so that is not even half my life, so far. When I first moved here there were only six or seven hundred here, and they were all scattered out over a large area. C&S is physically big compared to its population. Trouble is, the population is now exploding here.

  5. A population explosion in Cut n Shoot? Wow, who would have EVER thought?

  6. Yep SciFi, it has doubled a couple of times since I lived here. But originally, it was a booming lumber town, and then almost turned into a ghost town.

  7. Being so close to Houston, I'm surprised it took this long for folks to move out there!

    Let's hope that growth in this area slows a bit! Won't be long until it's all one big town all the way to Dallas!

  8. Howdy Jim, even though Cut & Shoot is on the "wrong" side of town (Conroe), it is steadily growing. Some good and some bad. It used to be quiet here, not any more.