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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Wife’s Projects – Part 2

As promised, I am doing this blog on some more of my wife’s recent projects. She just started a new one yesterday. She purchased three big terracotta pots to be used to transplant the plants that were sent to her by very good friends after her Mom passed away. So, of course, last night she was putting the base paint on them. All three are a different color. Then she will probably paint flowers or something on them.

I did have to chuckle a little. She takes empty containers and paints them a terracotta color and then paints flowers on them (no, I didn’t take a pictures of any of them - - yet). Now, she takes real terracotta pots and paints them another color. Just like a women, has to change everything - - - of course for the better.

OK, enough talking, let’s get to some pictures. This first one is what she did to an empty plastic coffee container. It is a faux cement pot:
Knowing her, she just couldn’t be satisfied with a plain white pair of shoes, so of course some pink paint takes care of that:
She can also make rugs, and of course they have to be colorful. I laid some of them out for these pictures. That is a king sized bed they are laying on to give you a perspective of size.

The next five pictures are close-ups of the rugs.

As I said in my last blog, she does a lot of other things. I don’t have any pictures (yet) of any of her other work.

She is efficient and fast. For example, remember the blog I did on the Christmas snow on Galveston beach? Well, when it turned cold so quickly, I complained about the cold wind and wished I had a warm scarf. Well, the next thing I know, she had crocheted up a very long, heavy, and warm scarf for me to wear. It sure kept me warm and gave me that special “warm” feeling.


  1. That is some really wonderful crazy quilting. Wow, I'm impressed with those! Perhaps if Ruth has a free moment, she could come over and help me with mine... You could come too DD...

  2. Howdy TFT. My wife said that she would be over as soon as she can, but has a lot of projects to finish up. She would also like to see a picture of your quilt. Could you post one or send an email with the picture?

  3. Your a lucky man...I will have bare floors..LOL

  4. The duvet is coming on but I'm a slow sewer... woops, I'm not a sewer but I do sew slowly... isn't the English language strange sometimes...

  5. Hey Fran, the funny thing is my wife doesn't like carpet and I have had to tear most of the wall to wall stuff out and put down hard flooring. She does like a few throw rugs, though.

    TFT, I know what you mean about the English language. Words are tough to spell, mean different things, etc. I am sure your sewing, although slow, is perfect.

  6. My wife is the same. Hates carpet. Likes wooden floors, but then covers them with rugs.

    Women and crazy. But then again, so am I.