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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Holiday Weekend

I hope all of you will have a pleasant and safe holiday weekend. Labor Day, when I was a kid, was the last weekend of our school summer vacation. Knowing that, created mixed emotions about the holiday. Now, the kids go back to school in the middle of August. Guess it either takes longer to teach them now a days or they are learning a lot more. From knowing some recent graduates, I bet it wasn’t the latter.

You all better check the Hermit this morning and read his list of facts. That may make you smarter than a 6th grader. . . OK, maybe not.

I see that the Old Fat Man is in Deming. Hey, isn’t Bill-Bob staying there now at his place? Maybe they can have a face to face over a cup of coffee. That would be nice.

It is suppose to be a really nice Saturday and Sunday in my area. A front went through last night and it is suppose to be clear weather. In that case, maybe, just maybe I will lug my big old telescope out on the deck and take a deep peek into the night sky. Of course, I get real sleepy after dark, so don’t know how long I will be able to stay up. The deck doesn’t give me much of few of the sky, but it is the easiest place to set up.

You all have a safe and wonderful holiday.


  1. On occasion I have looked through telescopes. My backyard ( 3/4 acre) is sky viewing friendly if you ever care to drop by for some night time viewing. ( you got a GE link to it I think)

  2. Well Ben, the weather man lied last night. It is cloudy today so far and there is now a chance of rain in the forecast. It would take me quite awhile to set that big scope up and assembly it. Right now I have the mirror out of it. That eleminates around 70 pounds and makes it easier on my back.

  3. That's a pretty good sized telescope! You might even be able to catch a glimpse of one of our visitors from out beyond, ya know?

    Can you take pictures through your telescope? I know that some have hookups for a camera!

  4. No Jim, I can't take pictures. I purchased the biggest scope I could afford, one without all the whistles and bells. It is not self guided, but a push and shove model. I suppose I could take quick snap shots, but you need to do long time exposures to get those spectacular pictures that you see in magazines.

  5. I know what I would do....duck tape that camera to the view thingy. Did that one time with my cam and a pair of binoculars look'n at a bald eagle bout 1/4 mile away.

  6. One time years ago I took a picture the wrong way through the binoculars. Wanted a wide field view. It came out all black except for a small circle in the middle. If you looked close, you could see the wide field view of the mountains.

    I will try that the next time I have the scope out.