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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Starlight

What?!?! I can’t believe it!! I read on John Wells’s blog “The Field Lab”, that a Terlingua landmark, the STARLIGHT THEATRE Restaurant & Bar is closing. Their last night will be this coming Saturday.

I thought that the atmosphere was terrific and the food some of the best I have had. I was there back in late April of this year. Their venison burger with chipotle sauce was fantastic, along with everything else. I was pleasantly thinking of my next return visit, but alas, no more Starlight. I am saddened by its closing. Another icon of the American Southwest - gone.

Terlingua will not be the same.

I took this picture of the front of the Starlight:

And this was taken inside one evening that I was there. It didn’t seem to be lacking in patrons.


  1. Wonder that happened? Poor management? That's the place you and I missed each other by just a short time . Food was good, but service was lacking,IMHO..

  2. Don't know what happened, it was a surprise to me. It seemed real busy when I was there, but maybe in the hot summer months it doen't have enough business. Hope it re-opens soon.

  3. Surprises me too. I've read a lot about that place through everyone's blog.

    Surely, a place of that stature and recognition would have survived and maybe become successful. I guess the only assumption can be poor management.

    It's always sad to see a landmark disappear. We had a theatre here that closed its doors a while back. They were half the price of everywhere else, yet the crowds preferred going elsewhere and paying double. I liked the old theatre compared to the modern, shiny, glass ones built today. This old theatre even had the organs in the room down by the screen when they use to show silent films.

  4. Sometimes people don't know what they had until it is gone. Then it is too late to support it. With the economy down and a long hot summer, it may have just been too much for them.

  5. Shame to hear.

    Obviously, I've never been there, but a gem like that is sad to see go.