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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Wife's Projects-Part 1

My wife is a multi-talented person. She always has at least one or two projects going all the time. She can crochet with the best of them. She weaves, has a knitting machine and a knitting form that looks like loom, she paints beautifully, she creates things out of items that would be thrown away, she designs and makes greeting cards, she uses scrap-booking ideas to make things other than scrap books, and I could go on for ever, but want to show you some of her work.

Since space is not available for everything, today I will show you a sampling of some greeting cards that she has designed and made. All are one of kind and hand made. Sometimes, I do the poetic verse inside the cards.

This first one was made and sent to my Aunt:

This one is a group of Halloween cards:

The next two are close-ups of the Halloween cards:

She just loves to paint flowers and as you can see, she does a really great job:
The last three photos are close-ups of the cards with the flowers.

Well, I hope I brought some beauty into your life this morning. I am very proud of my wife's talents, even though she is very modest and says she is not good and needs a lot of improvement. Tomorrow I will show you some of her other projects.


  1. Talented Lady!! Got a good eye for beauty and what fits together..
    Now the question becomes,, What the hell she see in You way back when? :-)

  2. Well, Ben, you see it was this way. We both thought that each other had money and as it turned out we were both wrong. :-0

  3. She is wonderful!! Those cards are keepsakes...do you need my address?

  4. My wife makes excellent jewellery with beads. However, she doesn't believe so, and as such no longer makes jewellery despite my encouragement.

  5. Hi Fran, I am glad you liked them.

    Howdy Pipsqeek, you need to get her back making the jewellery. It would be a shame to waste talent and a hobby can be very relaxing.

  6. Wow, what a talented woman....you lucky dog. But I want to know just one thing....how does she have time to cook, do the dishes, take out the trash, wash clothes, grocery shopping, scrub the floors and vacuum the carpet? HUH????

  7. very nice work, if you ask me! I love seeing the talents of others on display!

    You're lucky to have such a talented partner, that's for sure!

    Those flowers are really something!

  8. Gee BB, maybe that is why she complains about being tired all the time :-0

    Hey HJ, thank you and yes, I do feel lucky (but don't tell her I said that) :-)