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Monday, September 27, 2010

MH Update

I want to thank everyone with all the great suggestions for finding the problem of zero oil pressure in the motor-home’s motor. Therefore, I believe you all deserve an update and maybe some additional information. I also want to thank “Shadowmoss” for letting me know that I am not the only one that has had a problem with an extra seal ring.

The reason I didn’t see the oil that was sprayed out of the filter seals was two fold. First, I didn’t crawl back under the vehicle. At my age, that is always a chore and it takes me a few days to recuperate. The second is that it is dark under there and the motor-home is parked on a driveway made from spreading crushed concrete from the tail gate of a dump truck. Those small chunks of rock absorb liquids and 5w-20 is the consistency of water. Even when I did crawl under it to put the Motorcraft filter on, I didn’t see the oil in the gravel, but did see it sprayed on the underside of the vehicle. When I removed the filter, that is when I discovered the extra seal.

I took it for drive yesterday, and everything worked as it should. The engine sounded good and seemed to have the same power it had before, but there are no mountains in East Texas to try it out on. Did stop and put 20 gallons of gas in it. Will fill it up when I head out somewhere. For now, I just wanted to get some fresh gas in it.

I am planning to take it in for State inspection sometime today. I will add to today’s blog when I get back to let you know if it passed or what else may be a problem. Till then, keep your fingers crossed for me. Gee, I wonder where that saying came from and how it got started?
OK, so far so good. Inspection went through without a hitch. Still seems to run OK. Now, maybe I will use it some.

See Ben's comment below. He found the explanation of crossed fingers for me.

Was a little late getting in to get the RV inspected. Had to wait on the UPS man. He was to deliver my Inventor Suite 2011 program discs today. Didn't want him to just leave them lay outside if I was not at home. That is not a cheap program. It takes eight (8) DVDs and a good graphics card. Will install that later, maybe. . .

Thanks again for all your support with my motor problems, which turned out to be a crazy nut behind it all. :-)


  1. Keep your fingers crossed origin? Good ole Google, found many pages, but I like this page's explanation the best.


    What's the results of the state inspection?

  2. Why is that when you have a question old Uncle Ben has the answer before ya take another breath? Don't know what we would do without him.

  3. I don't know what I would do without all of you. You see, BB, Ben is so much younger than we are. ;-0