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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dog’s Best Friend

I bet you thought that I had the title backwards and you figured that it should have been “Man’s Best Friend”, right? Wrong, today I want to tell you about my dogs’ best friend. That would be the chief cook and bottle washer around here, my wife, especially around feeding time.

Now I am going to explain why my wife is their best friend at feeding time. As you know if you have been following my blogs, that we have four small dogs and what you may not have known, is my wife cooks for them. No canned or bagged dog food for them, oh no! Only the best for her, I mean our, little darlings. My dogs eat better than I do, well mostly. People act surprised when I say I eat dog food when I get the chance and really enjoy it.

Ok, don’t believe me? Thought not, but my wife took a picture today of the dinner she was cooking up for the dogs and a picture of what she was going to serve me. First, here is what she made for the dogs:

It is not always the same, but is usually built around ground turkey, cheese, pasta or rice or couscous, and of course vegetables. They just love broccoli. This dish had chopped spinach instead but they loved it just the same.

OK, here is what I had for dinner:

Yep, two wieners which I ate as hotdogs with habanero pepper sauce and Kraft’s Miracle Whip. Afterward I had a half glass of juice with my All One vitamins in it.

Now, when I say I am going to eat some dog food, you don’t need to feel sorry for me.

Life is good, . . . . when you are a dog at my house.


  1. By the way, just so Benita knows, our dogs do not eat beef.

  2. You know what? looking at the dog food.Your dinner choice would be a hard decision. Dog's food or Chile dog!!! . :-)

    NO,wait a minute..You dammed Yankee!!! No mayo on hot dogs!!! Mustard only!!!

  3. Hey Ben, I put habanero sauce on it!! I just love Miracle Whip with habanero, just tastes soooooo goooood, sort of a marriage between rebel and yankee. . .

  4. Actually, they both look pretty good to me!

    I've said many times that my cats get more attention at dinner time than I do, but since it's only me here...guess who's fault it is?

    You have a great day, buddy!

  5. Jim, thanks for stopping by today. I know how much our pets mean to us, and yep, you are at fault, also, I see.

  6. I put my dogs on a higher priced dry food to get them away from CORN..I think thats why so many dogs are not heathy--they are eating nasty stuff--corn, wheat, when was the last time you saw a dog pack hunt down a corn stalk?