Wondering about wild grapes

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I love condiments. When we go grocery shopping, my wife complains because I spend too much time in the condiment section. I have to make sure that I didn’t miss some new condiment that just hit the shelves. I always have to check out the hot sauces, the salad dressings, the picante and salsa, the olives, everything in that wonderful long isle.

If you love condiments as much as I do, you will understand when I tell you how I decide what I want to eat for a meal. I think of the condiments I want and then I try to think of what food will go with the condiments I want. (grin)

Now a-days, my higher than normal blood pressure limits my condiment intake and variety. You know, limit the sodium intake. Just one other downer for some of us over 50. OK, that ain’t a lie, I am over 50. Yep over 50, over 55, over 60 over 65. . . you get the picture and it ain’t as pretty as it once was.

Well, I got to cut this short for today. It is garbage day and I got to get those cans way down by the road. Also, have to take three of our dogs to the groomer. Then, maybe we can go to town and I can walk real slowly down that condiment isle.


  1. I understand you diet issues,,Mine is the no added salt thing. over the last 5 yrs I've gotten used to it. IN fact restaurant food now is too salty.,

  2. Many years ago a dentist (who is now deceased) discovered that my BP was 220 over 120. I had to find a doctor (didn't have a doc) that would see me and got on pills and put my self on a diet. Been fighting it ever since, especially if I get off my diet and exercise plan. If I do the right things, I can keep it at 120 over 68, which is real good.

  3. Dizzy, anytime ya hit 220/120 you have done crossed the "borderline" for a stroke. At that pressure when that little piece of obstruction lets loose it gonna blow a hole slap in your brain big as a baseball....or in my case, a golf ball. I agree that diet helps, but that one little pill does wonders.

  4. Yes, you are right Billy Bob. I just told everyone that I was checking for aneurysms. I have no idea how long I had blood pressure that high. I hadn't been to a doctor in years. Just felt great.

  5. Hope you're having a small pinch of Cayenne Pepper a day DD, very good for you...

  6. Hey FT, I love all kinds of pepper and pepper sauce. I know Cayenne helps the old BP and some times I forget to use it.