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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Solar What!

Ok, I have visited “The Field Lab” and seen John’s solar panels and devices. I have been to the Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona deserts and have seen solar panel arrays, some on the roofs of buildings. I have seen solar panels on RVs. I have seen pipe and tanks painted black to heat the liquid contents, that is considered solar. I have heard of solar screens, to cut down on the heat in an area.

Solar means anything from the sun, but lately, it seems to mean using the sun’s energy for our own purposes. So, when I see a sign advertising something solar, you know what I am thinking of.

My wife and I went to the post office yesterday and I noticed a sign painted on a store front window. It said, “Solar nails”. I looked at my wife and said, “What?”

Since the sign was on a place where women get a manicure, she sort of ruled out that it was something that you used to attach one board to another. So, she said that it was when they glue little solar panels to your finger nails and you can get your batteries charged when out in the sun. OK, good explanation. I got to get me some of those for the next time I go to Terlingua.

Now, I am a wondering what the other type of nail would be if it were solar. Would there be no more need for hammers? Just let the sun’s energy push the nail in? I wonder how long that would take.

Of course if I was to get those Solar Nails glued on to my fingers, when I am pounding the other type of nails in with a hammer, I would probably hit both types of nails. Sometimes I am all nails, no, I mean all thumbs.


  1. I've heard of a lot of things solar, but never solar nails! That's a new one on me!

    Wonder how they came up with that name? Let us know how how they work, if you happen to get some!

  2. They didn't work. Wasn't anything that pertained to the sun. Just some other fancy glue on thing to help disguise the natural beauty of a person.

  3. Shame, I was looking forward to getting some of those itsy bitsy solar thingies.Enough for both hands, shoot , could use it to charge my pace maker when I finally need one. :-)

  4. Well Ben, I will just tell you, when they invent a paint that will work like a solar panel, I will make up a bottle of finger nail polish for your finger nails, and you can do your toes, too, if you want to go bare foot'n.

  5. Dizzy, while ya was out research'n "solar nails", you should have run across "solar paint". Yes...solar paint. NextGen Solar is work'n on it while your "solar nails" is drying.