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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wondering who will watch the Super Bowl

I am probably one of the very few who have no idea which teams are playing in the Super Bowl. It is not that I don’t like football, I do. If they are not the couple of teams that I have or had interest in, I don’t care. My sport to watch, as I have told you before, is NHRA Top Fuel Drag Racing. The season begins Valentines Day weekend at Pomona, California. That is the same weekend as my birthday and you can bet I am going to watch both the time trials and the eliminations. And yes, I have tickets for this year’s elimination event at Houston, but that will not be until April 11th. That is a little late in the year for them to be coming to our area; it will be pretty warm by then. And BTW, I do hope the team you are rooting for (or have bets on) wins today.

Since it is Sunday, it got me to thinking. I have read the Bible through many, many times. Sometimes I read the Old Testament one night and the New Testament the next, alternating each night. It takes three times as long to read the old testament as it does the new, I would read the new one three time per each old one. It is amazing how much the one reflects the other. It was a great way to tie the two together and see predictions come true. There is a lot to learn from that book. Of course, some people read it like an obese person reads a diet book, but doesn’t “do” the diet. You have to “do” what you read, and we are all guilty of not always doing that.

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. There is a football game today? Who's playing? Just kidding!

  2. I don't care for football,so I won't be watching. I really need to spend more time reading my bible,and living it too. Blessings Jane

  3. I'm with Michael...."what football game"? I would make an unqualified guess that no less than 10 million Americans will be watch'n and attending this event. That's a lot of beer, hot wings and pizzas. Super Bowl to America is like the Cowboys are to Texas. Ya either are or ya ain't.

  4. Had to look in sports section to see which teams were playing...hahahaha,,,doesn't matter who wins, i just want my 9 to come up.

  5. I may??? go to the legion and watch it just to watch the hard core fans gripe and groan at the plays, ref's decisions and outcome. If it were the cowboys playing I'd probably be there for that reason.

    1. Shoot , coverage here on broadcast TV started at 11AM, and game ain't till 6?
      Thanks goodness for the internet and many other channels.

      I honestly don't remember the last one I watched. Might have been in the Landry days of the cowboys.

  6. Michael, I really didn’t know who were playing nor where it was going to played at.

    Jane, we all need to do that, for sure.

    BB, I would watch it if any of the teams that I had some interest in where playing.

    Trouble, maybe nine will be your lucky number.

    David, If it were Houston, Dallas, or Pittsburgh, I would watch it.

    Ben, this is one of those days I am glad I have satellite TV.