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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wondering about phone lines and tadpoles.

I was informed last night that there seemed to be something wrong with my phone lines. Several people tried to call me on my birthday and all they got was a busy signal. Since I don’t use my phone all that much and the second line dedicated to my computer and FAX machine was working, I never knew the line was dead. I just checked and the last call I received was at 08:33 on the 13th of February. So, I guess I will notify my phone company as soon as I finish writing this blog. Sorry if any of you tried to call and just got a busy signal.

I got a question. Do frogs (or any amphibian for that matter) have a special pool or part of pond, lake, or river where they prefer to lay their egg? The other day I walked around my place and I discovered thousands of tadpoles in the pond. They were all on the east side of the old part. I checked all around and couldn’t find any of them any where else in the pond/swamp which now occupies about 4 or 5 acres or more. Is it a place where they have laid eggs for generations and is it built into them to go to that particular spot? The new and deeper part was dug out back during a drought 10, 12, or more years ago, so I would think that it would have been there long enough for the frogs to use it also. But, they don’t.

These tadpoles I spotted were small (less than an inch long) and dark. They were quite skittish and I tried to get close enough to them to take a picture but they, at the first site of me, they would scoot off into the deeper water. Since the pond was completely dry this last summer, there are no large fish to feed off the tadpoles and other than birds and snakes, I would imagine that most of them will grow into frogs.

I just love living next to a swamp. In the evenings, the frogs are deafening. Later in the year, the bull frogs will start yelling, if they survived the drought. There base singing is missing, but the other frogs are making up for their absence. Last night, with the doors closed and the TV on, I could hear them. When I opened the door to let the dogs out, the sound hit you like an ocean wave. Loved it!! The only thing missing was the Bard Owls lonely call. I know they are still here, but for some reason they were silent last night.

I should now contact the phone company, so you all have a great day now, you hear? If you have to call me, call my cell or write an email.


  1. Happy birthday Diz. I wish you many more!

  2. Hope you get your communications lines all fixed soon! Keep us posted!

  3. Michael, thanks, I tell everyone that being born on Valentine's day is where I got all my charm (grin).

    Hermit, just got back from grocery shopping and still no phone.