Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wondering which to do today.

I got too many choices today.  There is a HAM breakfast this morning (no, not the meat, the radio guys), there is the flea market, there is the gun show, it is lotto ticket buying day, and a lot of things I need and want to do.  So, what should I do?  Well, I eliminated one of them by sleeping in; it is too late to make the HAM breakfast.  My wife will be happy, now I can take her to the flea market.  It will be a little chilly this morning; the cold front came through yesterday and this morning it got down to 44 degrees and cloudy.  The clouds will prevent the sun from warming things up, but the wind died down from yesterday when the north wind was quite gusty.  It was blowing so hard from the north that I thought I smelled what Ben (of An Older Texan Remembers) had for breakfast and it sure did smell good.
Like I said earlier, I slept in and will be heading out for the flea market soon, so will keep this short this morning, since my wife likes to get there early.  We usually leave about 09:00.  I do want to go get something to eat before we leave, so will punch the post button, and go get ready.  I promise I will read all your interesting blogs after I get back.
You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. Thanks for the shout out! :-)
    You know you COULD take BOB ( Big ole Bus) to the flea market and make you some breakfast while wife wanders the flea market , then catch up with her later. :-) Shoot you could even toss the dogs in and give them a change of routine.
    Just thinking bout you. Don't want you stuck in a rut. :-)

  2. Better walk slow, might forget some of those.

  3. Hope you find some treasures at the flea market! Seems like you usually come up with something pretty interesting!

    Kinda chilly here in the City as well!

  4. Amazing, isn't it, how many problems are solved by sleeping in.

  5. Ben, I have been thinking of going down to Junction. I like that area. Maybe stay a few nights. Also, need to see a friend in the pan-handle of Florida. May head over that way. Who knows, right now I am trying to price some tires and they want over $700.00 a piece for 6 of them.

    Trouble, good advice, where did you hear that?

    Hermit, I found a box of fasteners, etc that I figured I could use. Also found an old John Wayne movie, The Flying Leathernecks. I put the movies I pick up in the RV for future viewing.

  6. Sixbears, yes it is, and I enjoyed it, too.