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Monday, February 13, 2012

Wondering about dust to dust.

First, let me thank my new followers; welcome aboard. I haven’t been doing too much wandering lately but sure do wonder about a lot of things. I will have to keep this short today, have to get the three dogs loaded up and off to an early appointment at the vet’s. All their shots are due.

There are both black and white dwarfs. You did know that didn’t you? No, I don’t mean people!! I mean the remnants of dead stars. I am going to talk about the white dwarfs, not because I am white but because that is what our star, the Sun, will turn into someday after it goes through its red giant phase.

Back to the point, I read the other day where they have discovered dust around white dwarfs and are now wondering if all white dwarfs have a halo of dust. The astronomers explain the dust as the remnants of the stars earlier solar system. It seems appropriate to me that this should be, since the stars and our Sun were formed from discs of dust. So, the planets and all that may live on them will be turned to dust. That sort of reinforces the statement, “from dust to dust”. That is nature’s way of completing the cycle and bringing it full circle.

Got to run, you all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. That's "dust to dust" on a large scale. As above, so below.

  2. Sixbears, you got that right, there is no escaping it.

  3. It happens in the best and the biggest of families, I reckon!

    Have a good day, buddy!

  4. I'm glad that is a long ways off.

  5. I hear the earth may be ashes to ashes when the sun gets large enough to swallow it up.

  6. Hermit, yes it sure does.

    Gypsy, it will be a long time off. The universe runs on its own schedule.

    David, the sun will become a large red giant before it shrinks to a glowing ember, which will be a white draw. But don't hold your brearh.

  7. The Universe an all that is in it just boggles my mind The brain is like a muscle. When it is in use we feel very good. Understanding is joyous.
    Carl Sagan

  8. TFT, thank you, you are the first to to give me birthday greetings. That is because tomorrow came today at your location (grin).

    Ted, Truer words were never spoken. I sure do agree.