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Monday, February 27, 2012

Wondering if I should post a blog today.

Since I do not have anything to say, no words of wisdom, no funny stories, no trip logs, nothing; I guess I shouldn’t be even attempting to write a blog post.  Therefore, this posting is just to let you know I woke up today to a partly cloudy start to a warm week.  I did get the steps painted on the motor-homes yesterday and they both came out rather well.  Since the class-C’s steps were not in as bad a shape, the paint job on them came out looking the best.

Speaking of the class-C, a blogger asked me when I was going to get rid of it, so I will tell you.  I don’t know.  I only have a couple of more things to remove from it that, unless the new owner is a HAM radio operator, will not be needed.  No one has just stopped by here and offered me anything for it.  I suppose that is because no one knows it is for sale (grin).  I will probably take it down to pplmotorhomes.com and let them sell it.  That is where I purchased the class-A.

I am getting a little worried about the diesel that I purchased back around Thanksgiving time.  The 100 gallon tank was filled then and the gauge still says it is full.  I have only driven it 30 or 40 miles since I filled it up.  I have heard that diesel will not keep long and that it starts destabilizing before it leaves the refinery, so I have no idea how old it is.  Guess maybe I should drain off the bottom of the tank to make sure there is no water in it.  Condensation of water in a fuel tank is where the bacteria grow that ruins the diesel.  Any of you know how long it will keep?  Being that the tank was full, it would probably keep longer, but that is just a guess.

Dang, for not having anything to say, it sure did take a lot of words!!  You all have a great day and a great week now, you hear?


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  2. You might want to put in some stabilizer made for diesel. That might help prevent the breakdown or from getting gummy!

    Having never used diesel, I've never used anything. Sixbears runs diesel so you might ask him. He actually uses vegetable oil, but in a diesel engine!

  3. Diesel lasts longer than gas. If you are really worried, use an additive that will keep the bugs from growing. A few spare fuel filters wouldn't hurt either.

  4. DD i've always! enjoyed your blogs. Like you, i get to feeling like mine are boring, nothing to write about. I've been told we all get that way, so ,,, do NOT stop.

  5. OOPs,,Don't think my yesterday's was boring, kinda stirred up a hornet's nest. That was without even trying,,..

  6. I don't think I have ever had a diesel fuel problem. I have left the diesel truck parked up to 10 months and it started and ran just fine. I don't add any additive.

  7. Ted, well, well , well, that is better than pie in the sky.

    Hermit, actually I would like to burn it out driving down the road. Too many things around here needing done along with doctors’ appointments, etc.

    Sixbears, from all that has been said and I have just researched, I think just draining the bottom a little would suffice.

    Trouble, I don’t plan on stopping. And your name “Trouble” sure does fit.

    Michael, thanks, that is good to know. Have you sold your house yet? I see you haven’t posted for over a month.

  8. The trick is I think DD to keep your diesel tank fairly full... that's what I do... but make sure you regularly change the filters... it's a good idea to use the vehicle though... anything lying around unused deteriorates...
    Haha you know what they say... Use it or lose it...

  9. TFT, in other words, I should get my rear moving more along with the RV. Thanks for the advice, I will use it.