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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wondering about the price of things.

Did you ever hear someone complaining that “it is not fair what the prices of things are”? Well, I know what they are talking about but I am not going to wonder about the high cost of things, but that things are priced unfairly. Here is an example of what I am talking about. My wife and I went out for lunch yesterday. Although I don’t drink anything with my meals, I did notice the price of iced tea. They had both sweetened and unsweetened. They were both the same price. When I drink iced tea, I drink the unsweetened one, so why should I pay the same amount as the person who wants sugar in it. I also drink black (and strong) coffee, so why should pay as much as the person who takes cream and sugar?

The same thing exists in clothing, up to a point. A medium sized shirt costs the same as a large or an extra large. Is that fair? I wear a small size boot (or shoe). Depending on the style, I wear between 7.5 and 8.5. If they don’t come in a wide size I have to go to the upper end of that size limit. But my boots cost the same as the size 10. Why? Are the large size people getting a bargain or are the smaller people paying too much. Yes, I know that most of the cost is in the manufacturing and profit, and that the material cost is low, but I do think we should be charged a fair price for what we get and not have to pay more (or less) for the amount we get.

I am also a practical man, and it is so much easier to price things the same no matter what the size or if it has sugar or not. And of course the price is always above the cost of the largest or most complicated item.

It was a beautiful warm and sunny day here yesterday, and my wife and I enjoyed our selves. The high got to 76 but things are going to deteriorate today. Rain and a cold front moving in and some of the storms are predicted to be severe with chances of small tornadoes. That was forecast last night, haven’t listened to the news today. Now, you all have a great day, you hear?


  1. Good point there, but you didn't add why don't people driving huge gas/diesel guzzlers have to pay more for gas/diesel than people driving tiny econo boxes? Of course if it all worked like that then I'd be paying a hefty price for shoes since I wear a 13 D. I'd do pretty good on clothes and food though.

  2. That is like saying that eat more or drink more should pay more than you do should pay higher prices hor the same amount. I drive a big diesel pusher, why should I pay more per gallon than an owner of a diesel Mercedes or pick up truck?

  3. DD, the way I see it its basically the same thing. More material used to make shoes for bigger feet or more fuel burned which likely raises fuel prices for everyone. Of course the way things work now days if everyone drove a vehicle that got 100 MPG the gas prices would probably still be the same. What's fair about anything now days?

  4. David
    Fair??? That what Obama is talk'n bout that everybody should make the same amount of money and if'n ya make more than your neighbor, you got to give him the difference. Is that what ya say'n?
    Gas guzzl'n motorhomes ain't got nuttin to do with the fuel prices. That comes under the heading of "oil speculation" on Wall Street. Of course, threatening other oil producing countries has something to do with oil prices also. So don't be blam'n what you pay for a gallon of gas on me and my gas guzzl'n "Sally da house".

    1. Nope DD that ain't what I'm saying. I drink my coffee black unsweetened to and can take tea either sweet or not. If they charged extra for sugar I'd just drink it unsweetened.

      I don't care if you drive Sally to the moon and back once a week and the same for anyone else that has a gas hog. Like I said if everyone drove a 100 MPG vehicle fuel prices would probably still be the same. I also said there ain't nothing fair today and I think Obama has had as much to do with causing that as any other president in MANY YEARS. Perhaps a lot more to do with it. I don't like Socialism and never did. Bring the constitution back.

  5. Good thing you are a practical man. Can you imagine the nightmare for businesses if they charged a different price for each size? And then if you buy one size but realize you need one a size smaller or larger - can't just do an even exchange.

    My gripe is that with so many people living alone these days, and they are even doing tv specials on it, why can't a person by a half loaf of bread? Or a half size of anything. When I was in Savannah I found that the bakeries in Publix markets offered a half loaf of bakery Italian bread. Dynamite! I could eat that before it got stale. I would like to see a package of 4 hamburger buns, or 4 hot dog buns, or a pint of milk, etc. The companies that do that prefer you to waste rather than offering what you need. In my mind that is sinful!

  6. What done it for me was; last time I paid a barber to shave my neck, trim around my ears and nip a few stragglers up top. I believe it was $9, before the tip. Guy in the chair next to me looked like Fabio and his was also $9. Got me a set of Wal-Mart clippers now. LOL.

  7. David, my Father-in-law told me that nothing in this world is fair and the sooner I get used to it the better off I will be. Made sense to me but I still get mad about some things (grin).

    BB, it don’t matter what the price is, if we want to boogie on down the road, we got to pay our way.

    David (again), I am all for lower fuel costs, now that I am retired. But when I was working, here in Houston the price of a barrel of oil tells how many jobs there will be.

    Gypsy, I understand, probably more than most, about the cost of producing products, since I have been working as a manufacturing engineer for many, many, many years. I agree with you on smaller packaging. I through a lot of stuff out because I have to buy 12 when I only want a couple. Of course, I have never been able to buy to much chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (grin).

    Paul, I know what you mean. When I turned 65 back four years ago, I quit cutting my hair and my beard. I like the new look. . .