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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wondering about a “FURminator”

We only have three dogs now, but they are the long haired kind; Shih Tzus. Two of three have undercoats, the male does not. The oldest female seems to have the most and sometimes it gives her a real problem. She has one of those problems now. We get them groomed once a month and it has only been a couple weeks since the last grooming but a few days ago, she got some tangles. It only takes her to scratch herself a few times or play with the youngest one and she gets tangles. Then she starts chewing on them and that makes matters worse. The tangles pull the hair together and that actually pulls at the roots. The more she chews or scratches at it, the worse it gets. If it gets bad enough to form a sore, then the male thinks she is in heat and that adds to the problem.

I have found a comb that eliminates this problem if I catch it in time. This time, I didn’t catch it quickly enough. I should use this special comb on her every so many days just as a preventive measure, but at my age the days slip by way too fast and things don’t get done.

OK, here is what the comb looks like along with some undercoat:

It is called a FURminator and it really works well if you do it often enough and don’t wait until the hair is in tangles.  Another picture:

And from another angle:

What makes it work so well, is that it gets down to the undercoat and catches it in its teeth but does nothing to the regular hair. I have had this comb for quite awhile now and it has really paid for itself. I just have to remember to use it more often to prevent what is now happening to our oldest female.

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Now that's just too weird!! Basset came to me for some loving this morning and I got out her cat brush and gave her a going over as well. Didn't get a lot of loose hair cause I don't think they furred up as bad with this mild winter we had.

  2. DD~I have a FURminator exactly like that. I use it on Blue. He is 1/2 Husky, 1/2 chow. When I brushed (combed?) him out last Fall, my neighbor asked was I shaving him. It really does work well.

  3. I go the same problem with Sadie Mae. Don't take no time at all and she full of fuzz balls (tangles). I use a regular hair brush but it don't get the tangles out like a pair of scissors do. Guess I'll try the FURminator if'n I can find one. Thanks for the "tangle tip".

  4. I use a comb like that on Jude,,gets that deep furry hair out. Way too much to shed in the house. He's shedding now,,,need to use the comb.

  5. Ben, it may be the time of year. Springtime and shedding go hand in hand.

    Michael, The little bit of fur I showed was after I got a big pile of it off her. I think I could use it daily and get more undercoat out. She sure feels better without it all that mess.

    BB, I do recommend this thing. You have to drag it at an angle and don't force it or it will pull the hair and hurt the dog. Once you get used to using it, it does a good job.

    Trouble, it is really hard to get it all. Always seems to be hair everywhere.

  6. I'm glad my mutt is a short hair. Not a big problem, but we do keep her brushed. Then there's the fea comb we use to see if she got into anything she shouldn't have.

  7. Sixbears, in the South, fleas are a big problem. They hatch starting at 70 degrees, and we get to that temperature many times during the winter.