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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Time For Some More Questions and Answers

I got some questions and answers for you today.  I will list the questions first and at the end of the posting, will list the answers.  That way you will be able to see right away if you got them right or wrong and if you please, let us all know how you did.

1.   Where and when was a child born to the youngest parents ever?

2.   Which baseball player wore a cabbage leaf under his cap and for what reason?

3.    How many dimples are on a regulation golf ball?

4.    In space, can astronauts cry?

5.    What is the average speed that catsup (or Ketchup) leaves the bottle?

6.     Are babies born with kneecaps?

7.     Which weighs more, an average elephant or the tongue of a blue whale.

8.     What is the longest word that can be typed using only the left hand?

9.    How many US states claim that their test scores in their elementary schools are above the national average?

10.   How many ridges are around a dime?

Ok, that is all the questions.

1.   The world's youngest parents, 8 and 9, lived in China and the year was 1910.

2.   Babe Ruth did to keep his head cool.  He changed it every couple of hours.

3.   There are 336 dimples in a golf ball.

4.    In space, there is no gravity and tears can't flow.

5.    It leaves the bottle at a rate of 25 miles per year.

6.    Not exactly, they are born with cartilage that later hardens into a kneecap.

7.    The elephant weighs less than the tongue of a blue whale.

8.     Stewardesses

9.     All 50 of them.  Now that doesn't seem to add up to me.

10.   A dime has 118 ridges.  Now I wonder how many of you are counting those ridges right now.

OK, that is all the questions and answers.  How many did you get right and which one was a surprise to you?  You all have a great day, you hear?

Monday, February 26, 2018

My Mind Kept Me Awake.

My mind kept me awake last night.  I laid in bed wide awake for about four hours or so.  I hate it when that happens.  My mind was giving me all kinds of good ideas for a blog posting, but as you probably guessed, by this morning I couldn't remember any of them.  I guess the problem is when you get as old as I am, there is just so much stuff (memories, facts, etc.) in my brain that it can't hold any more.  Hey!!  That is as good of an excuse that I could come up with in short notice.

Since I don't have anything else to say about that, how about I end this blog with a few jokes.  This first one really made me laugh.  Yes, I know it may be slightly off color but I have to share.

What is the difference between a snowman and a snowwoman?

I managed to lose my rifle when I was in the army. I had to pay $855 to cover the loss.
I’m starting to understand why a Navy captain always goes down with his ship.

 “My wife suffers from a drinking problem.”

“Oh is she an alcoholic?”

“No, I am, but she’s the one who suffers.”

I was sitting in a bar one day and two really large women came in, talking in an interesting accent.

So I said, “Cool accent, are you two ladies from Ireland?”

One of them snarled at me, “It’s Wales, dumbo!”

So I corrected myself, “Oh, right, so are you two whales from Ireland?”

That’s about as far as I remember.

A woman in a bikini reveals about 90% of her body.... and yet most men are so polite they only look at the covered parts.
Two guys are out hunting in the woods when one of them collapses. He doesn’t appear to be breathing, his eyes are glazed over. The other man pulls out his phone with trembling fingers and calls 911. He gasps, "My friend is dead! What can I do?"

The operator says "Please stay calm. I will help you. First of all, let's make sure he's dead."
There’s a silence, then a gun shot. The guy gets back on the phone and says "OK, now what?"

I got another letter from this lawyer today. It said “Final Notice”. Good that he will not bother me anymore.

Father: “Son, you were adopted.”
Son: “What?! I knew it! I want to meet my biological parents!”
Father: “We are your biological parents. Now pack up, the new ones will pick you up in 20 minutes.”

I got these jokes at:


OK, keep on smiling and have a great day, you hear?

Saturday, February 24, 2018

You Mean It Ain't So???

Oh me, Oh my, the inhumanity of it all. . . That is how I feel when I find out that something that I thought was true for years and years turns out to be false.  Of course, maybe what they are saying today is false and what I thought was true all those years was true.  Heck, I don't know and I better be real careful or I will really get myself confused.

Let me tell you what I am talking about.  Back on July 20, 1969, the Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong landed on moon and later Armstrong became the first man to step on the moon.  I have heard that Neil said "Good luck Mr. Gorsky" while he was walking on the moon.  It was said that Neil, as a boy, had heard the neighbor's wife through an open window, tell her husband something to the affect "You want what kind of sex?  You have as much chance of that happening as the boy next door walking on the moon."

According to everything I could find, that never happened.  Dang, I liked that story and hoped it was true.  Have any of you heard that story and did you think it was true, like I did, or false?  Now, keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and have a great day, you hear?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Funny Sounding Words and Their Meanings.

When I was a young man, there were a lot of roads that were made out of Macadam.  Do any of you know what that was or is?  I helped put some of that stuff down to resurface some roads.  What it is small stones mixed with oil, tar, or asphalt.  One truck spread the tar and another truck spread the small stones then a roller drove over it and then it was ready for traffic.  So, have you heard of Macadam or Macadamized pavement?

OK, how about Allegator?  You better take a closer look at that word, it isn't Alligator.  Allegator is someone who alleges.  Isn't English fun???

Has anyone called you a Troglodyte?  I sure hope not.  A troglodyte is someone or something that lives in a cave.

Here is a couple of words I am very familiar with and I and my family have used quite a bit.  Rigmarole and Shenanigan.  Rigmarole is nonsense or unnecessary complexity.  And of course Shenanigan is a prank or mischief.

Now, if you knew all those words and their meanings you must be a Panjandrum.  Oh, by the way, a panjandrum is someone who thinks himself high and mighty.  And of course I think that all my readers are high and mighty and I want you to have a great evening, you hear?

Monday, February 19, 2018

Going Back to an Old Post.

OK, I am going to be really lazy today and just send you back to one of my old posts in 2010: 

How many of you remember that old blog posting?  In the overall scheme of things, nothing has really changed that much since I posted that, except me.  I am a lot older but still get a thrill out of science, space, the universe, and a lot more.

Now you all look up to the sky, especially at night, and observe the wonders and the vastness.  It is hard to predict what all is actually way, way out there.  Now, keep your feet firmly planted on Earth and have a great day, you hear?

Friday, February 16, 2018

Extra Warm for this Time of Year.

It has been exceptionally warm for this time of year, with temp up in the 80's and my AC decided to die.  Called the repairman yesterday and he showed up this morning.  I guess there isn't much for him to do this time of year.

It didn't take him long and discovered some leaks so injected some expensive sealing stuff into it along with a lot more Freon.  It started working like new and cooled my whole home down very quickly.  I guess if you are going to have AC trouble, this time of year is a good time to have it since the AC repair guy is not over worked.  In fact, he is looking for work.

Looking at the weather forecast, it isn't supposed to cool off for a few more days.  There may be a front come through here Sunday and change things back to seasonal weather.  Like they say, if you don't like the weather here, stick around, it will change soon.  Now, keep cool or warm (which ever you prefer) and have a great evening, you hear?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Double Holiday for Me.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, but it was also my birthday.  I don't really celebrate either of them any more.  I have lived through 75 Valentine's Days and 75 birthdays.  You know, I never thought I would make it this far.  Actually, if you count the first day I was on earth, it has been 76 Valentine's days, right?

I sure do hope you all had a great holiday and was lucky enough, like me, to share it with someone I love.  Now, you all have a great evening, you hear?

Friday, February 2, 2018

Era of Most Change?

I just got wondering what era of the past saw the biggest change?  Way, way back in history, things changed rather slowly except when a king or emperor got assassinated or when there were wars or famines or other calamities that produced almost instant change.

My grandparents saw quite a change.  They lived from horse and buggy days to space satellites.  Remember Sputnik?  I do.  It was launched by the Russians on October 4, 1957.  Both my grandfathers worked on the railroad when all the engines were steam engines.  One was an engineer on the Pennsylvania RR and the other was a conductor on the B&O.  They both retired while the engines still ran on steam.  I sure miss the sound at night of those steam locomotive whistles.  Diesels are just not the same.

I would say that the biggest and quickest change happened after WW1 and ended after WW2.  OK, I got to admit that I have seen a lot of change, too.  I, too, remember those steam engines and the soot and dirt they produced, but loved the sound.  The chug, chug, chug and then the slipping of the wheels as they started to pull a long line of rail cars.  I even worked for two different rail car manufacturers.  I guess railroading was in my blood.

In that period, we went from biplanes to jets.  Yes, jet aircraft were in use by the end of WW2 but were in their infancy.  There have been a lot of changes that happened quite quickly.  Tell us what quick changes you have seen in your life time that left an impression on you and have a great day, you hear?