Wondering about wild grapes

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Our Bird Feeders.

We have a large bird feeder filled with bird seed which I purchase in 40 pound bags.  It lasts a week or less.  We also have a humming bird feeder and we get a lot of beautiful little humming birds that come to suck out the sweet nectar.  Then there are the squirrels.

The squirrels are the thieves and destroyers.  They spill the bird feed out of the feeder.  Although I also put lots of feed on the ground, they (the squirrels) are never satisfied.  They have to dump more feed out of the feeder.  They leave the suet alone, guess they don't like it or maybe it is because it is in a wire mesh enclosure which holds the suet and keeps the squirrels out, but the birds can still get at it.  Yep, my back yard is quite a busy place, but all the creatures disappear very fast when I let the dogs out.

I guess it doesn't all go to waste.  The wild rabbits come in and eat it, too.  I bring the feeders in after it gets dark.  By morning, all that spilled bird seed is gone.  I guess the rabbits clean it all up by morning.  I love what goes on in my back yard (or at least in the area that I can see from the house) and would not change it if I could.  Now, you all have a great evening, you hear?

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter.

From Dizzy's family to all of you and your families, we wish you all a very blessed Easter.  It is really beautiful here at my place with blue skies and warm weather.  Don't eat too many Easter eggs or candy and have a great day, you hear?

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Took a Walk on the Driveway.

My wife and I took a walk out the driveway to the gate and back around the inside loop to the other side of the gate.  On this short stroll we found a few things that I thought would make good pictures for posting on my blog.

Here is a picture of box turtle.  I don't know where he was heading but he sure did seem to have a destination in mind since he or she was going in a straight line.

Here is closeup of its head.  That eye seemed to look straight through me and it didn't look extremely happy.  I guess it just didn't want to be bothered.

Well, I guess he just got tired of me taking his picture so he slammed his doors shut but left just enough open to see if I had gone yet.

And then, not too far away, I found these small mounds of dirt with holes in the middle.  It seemed that the owner of these dwellings tried to build their entrance holes up high enough in case of rain.  I don't think they would care to have water pouring into their living room.

It is such a beautiful day with deep blue skies from horizon to horizon and a warm temperature of 87 degrees right now.  I have had a great day and I sure hope you all have had a good day, too.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Just Asking a Question.

When you watch shows on TV and somebody gets shot in a Western and as they lay their dying they close their eyes.  I don't think that is the case in real live (or death).  When I was a boy, I saw a fellow die in church.  The people close to him shut his eyes and tied a scarf around his jaw and head to keep his mouth closed.  That way the mortician wouldn't need to break the jaw.  That happened over 60 years ago.  That memory stuck with me.  It isn't every day one sees somebody pass away.  I don't ever want to see that happen again.  I hope I didn't depress anyone and I don't know why I thought of that.  Now, you all keep on breathing and have a great evening, you hear?

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Field Full of Color

Today we took a trip to town to get supplies and I decided to take the back road.  Just as I turned off on that road, there was a field full of color.  Blue Bonnets mixed with a red flower that I am not sure what species they were.  They were really beautiful so I took a picture of them with my little camera.  The picture sure doesn't show just how beautiful they were.  Anyway, here is the picture I took:

Yes, I know this picture spills out of the allotted area provided for text and pictures, but if I shrink it down too much, you could not see the beauty of this field.  If you click on it, maybe it will enlarge for your viewing.  This is a beautiful time of the year, but I see beauty in things every day as should we all.  Now, you all have a great evening.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Where Did Summer Go???

The beautiful warm weather we have been having has spoiled me and then, wham, the temperatures took a nose dive.  Yep went from temps in the seventies pushing eighty down to freezing.  When we first moved to Texas, we were told that there was nothing between us and the north pole except a few strands of barbed wire and I have to believe that.  Back when we lived in Justin, Texas, about half way between Fort Worth and Denton, it was so flat and mostly treeless you could almost see to the north pole (grin).

One thing for sure, summer is coming and it will be hot and humid, so I am going to enjoy this cool weather for as long as it lasts.  You know you can always add layers of clothes for when it gets cold but you can only take off so much when it gets hot.  Once you get down to bare skin, that is far as I will go.  One thing for sure, the closer you get to the equator, the warmer it gets.  I am now living in Texas which is a lot closer to the equator than in Pennsylvania where I was born, raised, and lived the first part of my life.  Now, you all keep warm or cool, which ever you prefer, and have a great day, you hear?