Wondering about wild grapes

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Ok, Got a Plan.

OK, here is the plan.  I sure miss my wife and I want her back, so I have sure fired way to get her to come back from heaven.  I have let the dirty dishes, pots, and pans pile up in the double sink.  If anything will bring her back that will.  I now have to wash a pan every time I want to cook something and then usually use plastic spoons and Styrofoam bowls to eat what I cooked.  Hey, it seems to be working for me, just don't look at the kitchen sink.  Now, you all have a great evening, you hear? 

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas at Tammy's.

My daughter-in-law, Tammy, invited me to her home for a Christmas dinner of venison chilly and, yum yum, it sure was goooood.  My son is still on the north slope of Alaska and couldn't make it home for Christmas, but he will be home soon for a few weeks.  I even was given some gifts, an easel and blank canvases.  So, I need to start painting again.  It has been quite awhile since I did any paintings.

Tammy called my son, Rodney, while I was there and I got to talk to him.  He said it was a minus thirtyseven degrees there at the time we were talking.  I can't imagine it being that cold.  Yep, I guess I have been living in Texas too long, grin.  It was a good day and I hope all of you had a great Christmas day, also.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

The pillow on my wife's side of the bed,
still has the imprint where she lay her head.

I just can't bring myself to disturb it,
If anyone does, I will have a fit.

So some of you may think I am crazy.
But others will think I am just lazy.

This house is loaded with the things she made.
A lot of those things she sat and crocheted.

So for now, will leave things the way they are.
Though some of you may think that is bizarre.

But this is my home so don't you forget,
I'll do things my way so don't you dare fret.

Things will never be the same here at home,
So we will jump in the RV and roam.

The two dogs and I will take a long trip.
Will stay on earth cause don't have a spaceship.

Want to visit relatives and old friends,
At least one last time before my life ends.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Planning a Trip

I have been planning a trip for this coming summer.  I know I am getting up in years and can't have too many left, so I would like to take one last trip back to Pennsylvania where I was born, raised, grew up and married, and had two sons.  I still have a lot of cousins and good friends that live there and would like to see them again.  It has been way too long.

My daughter-in-law said that she would love to go with me and help with the driving.  If my son is home at that time, he would go also.  That would make three of us who have a license to drive that heavy of a vehicle.  Sure would make the trip a lot easier and a lot more fun.  If my son is still working on the north shore of Alaska, he said he would fly from up there to Pennsylvania.  I am sure looking forward to that trip.  I would enjoy just riding in the diesel pusher for part of the trip instead of driving it the whole way myself.  Since it is self contained with lots of batteries and also a diesel generator, if we want to stop, we could stop almost anywhere and have all the conveniences of home.

I hope my relatives and friends in Pennsylvania will be as anxious to see me as I am to see them.  I hope it all works out and the round trip will be pleasant and safe.  I am sure looking forward to that trip, it gives me another reason to hang on.  Now, you all have a great day, you hear? 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Brought My Wife Home Today

My son and I went and picked up my wife's ashes at the undertaker's today.  I brought her home and sat her in front of the fireplace at my eyes' level so I can look right at her.  And oh yes, I am still shedding a lot of tears.  Soon, it will be time for me to get a grip on life.  It isn't fair to my other family members if I don't.  I know that they worry about me.  My dogs are still moping and not eating much.  She is really, really missed.

My plan is to keep her ashes there by the fireplace until I pass away, then I will be cremated and my son will spread both our ashes around the path where we used to walk together.  Sometimes she took extra walks or multiple trips around the place.  She had kept herself in good shape until her surgery.  I can't believe that I outlived her and I never wanted to.  I have to go blow my nose, so you all have a better day than I am having, you hear?

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Oh No, I can't take much more.

Wasn't my wife's passing away enough?  It was actually almost more than I could stand and it hasn't gotten any better.  Then today our dog, (We always consider him her dog, since she picked him out of a litter and he was with her all the time.  Even layed beside her when she was sitting in her chair.)  Cang Le, is having lots of trouble getting around.  He can't seem to stand up and when he tries to walk, he goes in circles.  He is now breathing regulary, although panting hard, as he lays beside me in my rocker/recliner.  I will get him to the Vet's in the morning.  I held him up and he ate most of his dinner. That is a good sign.  I sure didn't need this right now.  I guess trouble and hart break comes in bunches.  Now, you all have a better evening than I am have having.