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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wondering about a blogging problem.

I have had a problem that started yesterday and is back today. Yesterday’s problem disappeared, but was replaced by a new one today. I am wondering if any of you have had the same problem. Let me try to explain.

Yesterday morning when I turned my computer on and signed in to Blogger, my dashboard was stuffed with 18 posting that were posted at the exact same time and from the same source; supposedly from "ronjoewhite". Today, all those posts disappeared but in there place were 25 new posts supposedly from "off grid ter lingua". On my dashboard, it says they were posted all at the same time. If I follow the link, it shows them posted at slightly different times. This is a form of spam, for sure. It seems someone is using either blogs that no longer exist (or who’s blog name has been changed to a new one) or are making up names that look close like some that I follow or used to follow.

I hope that no one else is having this problem and if it does not cause any damage or problems, other than the nuisance of skipping over them, I can live with it. Maybe the guy will get tired of messing with us and find something beneficial to do. What do you think the chances of that are?

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. hey DD, that happens to me occasionally, too. Usually it is a blog that I follow, and it gets updated with several post entries that I've already read. I figured some sort of glitch on blogger.

    1. A Google search of that poster "ronjoewhite". brought up tons of complaints about a hacker. Delete the message and make sure your virus program is up to date. DO NOT subscribe to it by all means.

  2. Dang Dizzy, I ain't been to my dashboard in bout a hunnert year so I rekon I don't have the same problem. I still continue to have problems with get'n that "white page" on some blogs and the comment winder not com'n up on others. One of our "mr.wizard" computer men has posted on his blog, a cure all for Blogger. It don't work neither. That's like a doctor find'n a cure all for cancer and when the masses go for treatment, they find out he's a retired veterinarian.

  3. Michael, I don't follow this blog and I have recieved all the ones yesterday from one sender at one time and all the ones today from a different sender and all at one time. It is spam or a hacker.

    Ben, good advice. I checked to make sure my "favorites" were not hacked. So far so good.

    BB, The older I get the less I trust doctors and I have never really ever trusted them since I turned 18. Same with some of the advice about computer cure all fixes.

  4. No problems at this end, but I try to keep things pretty simple.

  5. I was getting an occasional spam comment, usually a lot of verbage with a link embedded. Blogger caught them all and put them in the spam folder. The number I was getting grew somewhat, so I went to the goofy word recognition, which I absolutely detest, so if it is a machine doing the spamming I think it won't be able to verify the "word". I had the feeling that it won't stop the spammers, and I wonder how it is they are doing what you describe. I liken spammers to squirrels - no matter what you do to keep them out of the bird feeder, they will find a way around it.

  6. Geez, you threw a new one at me, i've never gone thru dashboard to read blogs. So,,had to look, and i haven't gotten anything like you're talking about. Blogger does catch spam, but i'm not even getting much of that. Hope it stops for you.

  7. Sixbears, I have kept it simple, I thought. Never had any trouble before.

    Gypsy, I use (as you know) the word verification, so it is not a machine. I am sure the guy will get tired of it and go on to other indevors.

    Trouble, I use blogger, so when I go to www.blogspot.com it takes me directly to the dashboard. I take it, you don't use google blogger.

  8. DD, it could be a spam bot because they have sophisticated ones now days that can recognize the words much easier than a human can. They can make them so hard a human can't recognize them, but the spam bots can go through them like a buzz saw through butter. There is also software written specifically for breaking through the blogger security and posting spam ads. On my main site's forums I finally did away with the word crap and added several trick questions that only humans wanting to register for the forums should know. That pretty well stopped the spam bots in their tracks. Unfortunately blogger doesn't allow that to be done.

  9. David, thanks for the info, I didn't know that. It only happened for two days. Knock on wood, hope they don't come back. Why would anyone want to do that? What did they get out of it?

  10. DD, they make $ doing it. In some cases it may just be hackers that like to screw with other people.

  11. Thanks David, I guess it takes all kinds. I like to screw with people but just innocent joking. I always like to take the opposite oppinion, even if I agree (grin).