Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, February 6, 2012

Wondering about close encounters and spinning.

Anytime an object whizzes past earth within the moon’s orbit, I take notice and wonder when it will return and how close will its next fly-by be. Remember back when Apophis whizzed past earth and they thought that in the future it would hit the “keyhole” which would set up its next orbit to hit earth. Now they say that will not happen. The latest close encounter was back on Nov. 7, 2011 when asteroid 2005 YU55 flew by earth within the moon’s orbit and anything that close deserves some attention. I bet you didn’t even notice. . .

Since I am called Dizzy, I may as well talk about spinning objects. I don’t mean toy tops or ballerina dancers; I mean things that spin so fast it is beyond my comprehension. Have you ever heard of pulsars? They are the crushed remnants of dead stars which send out beams of radiation from their poles. Some spin at unbelievable rates for such a great mass. The latest one discovered sends out a beam every 5.44 milliseconds which means it spins 11,000 rpms. As a star dies and after the initial expansion is complete, it starts to fall in on its self. As it gets smaller it spins faster, like an ice skater when they pull their arms in.

These objects must be unbelievably dense to keep from tearing themselves apart. It is so wonderful that in this horrific universe with such deadly things happening all the time that life was able to find a more peaceful, protected world to take hold and flourish. Now, let us hope and pray that we can keep it that way. You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Them 11,000 rpm's is bout the speed my brain turns at times. That might be the reason I fall down so much wait'n in the check out line at Walmart huh? Or maybe why I stagger round bump'n into stuff when I get up every morn'n.
    But I never worry bout all that stuff out there in space fall'n back down to earth....old broke satellites, rocket parts, beer cans and pizza boxes. My biggest concern is if'n I'm gonna make it through the day with all the crap what's fly'n round right here on earth.

  2. I think BB is right about all the crap flying round right here on earth. We probably have a greater chance of getting hit by the politicians' BS than anything else. And I don't mind the astronomers looking at the universe, but I can't for the life of me see why they are so hell-bent on finding another planet that can support life. Another planet we can trash? And if there are aliens out there I sure don't want to meet them.

  3. No I don't worry about things spinning out there in space,not yet anyway.I have too much to worry about that's right in front of me,lol.

    Blessings Jane

  4. BB, I know what you mean about your brain spinning. Sometimes it is hard to figure out which way is up.

    Gyosy, you are right about the crap flying around here. As far as finding I habitable planets, even if we find a perfect one, we could not reach it in a life time.

    Jane, yes you have to be ready to duck in a moments notice.