Wondering about wild grapes

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wondering where the birds will end up.

Yesterday, when I was taking the garbage down to the road, I walked around the second corner in my driveway, which is where you come out of the woods into an open field. Wow, out in the one neighbor’s field and the other neighbor’s back yard were birds, lots of birds. There were two large flocks of robins and starlings. They were not mixed together but close to each other. When I say large flocks, I don’t mean 10 or 20 or even a hundred; I mean hundreds. They were frantically looking for food. I bet they put a huge dent in the insect population living in that area, or anything else that they could eat.

They didn’t seem to be bothered by me and just kept at the food hunting. I guess this is the sign that spring time is coming to the northern states. I wonder how far they fly in one day, where they divide up and go different direction, and when will they arrive at their destinations. When I was a boy and lived up in Pennsylvania, a pair of robins would come back to the same nest every year, until one year they didn’t. Those robins not returning made me sad.

I just wanted to let you all living way up north know that spring time can’t be too far away. The birds know and they are on their way. You all have a wonderful day now, you hear?


  1. Hey, I'm over run right now with Robins and cowbirds!! They mass out back and then work their way all the way across the yard .
    They doing a good job of "thatching" the yard I guess.
    I think a lot of birds have found other places to spend summer due to the weather here over the past few years . Since it's been do dry the normal grains and seeds they feed on aren't around so I think they move to where they can find what they need.

    Just my thought and I am NOT an Ornithologist so what do I know?

  2. I'm still waiting for when it's safe to go back to NH.

    Some robins never leave NH for the south. They try to stick it out so they can get the best nesting places in the spring. Sometimes it works, sometimes they freeze or stave to death.

  3. Looking for my Martins every day. Their house is kinda coming apart but i don't think they'll care.

  4. Ben, guess they are starting their trip north for sure. Never see any around here except for a few weeks in the spring and in the fall.

    Sixbears, I would think that they would have trouble suviving the winter snows. I have seen some very early in the year at times when I lived in PA.

  5. I'm noticing a lot more birds here in Sacramento, which doesn't have really cold winters. Maybe they are on their way north?

  6. They were here in mid Florida a week ago. It is a sight to see. Must have been thousands in my back yard.

  7. Gypsy, I guess we could call the birds the first "gypsies".

    Spud, Yes, they are a sight. They never stay here long, the next day they were gone. Just stopped off for lunch, I guess.