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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Are you Wondering why my blog is late?

Well, there is no good reason. A couple of big dogs were making lots of noise outside this morning. Tried to get back to sleep. Finally got up when I first detected some morning light. The sound outside was terrible. It sounded like the two big dogs were tearing apart a smaller one. I couldn’t have that, so picket up a crowbar (had a gun on my belt but didn’t want to use it) and headed off toward the swamp and all the ruckus. It was a coon that the dogs had. I yelled twice at them and they let go and ran off a ways. Chased them all over the place and finally lost them. Had found a dead coon the other day and now I now what has been happening.

It is also garbage pick-up day and took the garbage down to the road. Let’s say, “I got my exercise this morning”. Got a few more chores done and all the time I was wondering what to write about this morning. Said to myself, “Self, just say you had to chase dogs off”. Ok, that’s what I did, so now, even though the ground hog saw his shadow, you all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Well you did your good deed for the day. And as far as the groundhog goes,in my part of the woods we havn't had any winter to speak of,so not too worried abt that. I also have trouble when it comes time to write a post,well most of the time anyway. It's ok you were late,I got a late start reading posts today,had to do some cleaning,the house and the car! Blessings Jane

  2. Yep Jane, it has really been warm here. The lows have been a lot higher than the nomral highs. It was 80 yesterday and the overnight low was almost 70. Maybe our winter will come next Thursday??

    1. In my humble opinion you need to find out who those stray dogs belong too and tell the owners they are running loose. Then keep your side arm handy in case they run out of coons to hunt and get after your dogs on your place!!

  3. Who do they belong to? Sure hate that they have killed some of your wildlife.
    Blogs can be short and sweet,,,mine is too.

  4. A relation, and I have already sent an email complaining and suggesting a chain and collar.

  5. That's bad when they start keeping you up! Next time maybe a call to the animal control folks!