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Monday, February 20, 2012

Wondering about Mexican Coke and walking slow.

First I want to tell you that when blogging starts to get be a chore, something always happens to perk you back up. Last night my cousin by marriage (Married my cousin who passed away. He would have been 92 had he lived.) Anyway, she told me how much she looks forward to my blogs. Thank you Evelyn.

Where I live, it is hard to find Mexican Coke (No not the powder, the kind you drink). My wife and I went into an all Mexican grocery store where all the signs were written in Spanish. Would you believe that there was only one bottle of Mexican CocaCola in the whole store? Of course we purchased it and last night my wife and I split it. We couldn’t find a bottle opener so bought one at the flea market yesterday. It is sooooo very good. Reminds me of the soda fountain coke we used to get as kids back in the ‘50s. Got to find a place to get me some more of that!!

I got wondering yesterday why I have been walking so slow lately. After some careful thought while lying on the couch, I think I have the answer. I walk slow so it gives more time to try to remember why I was going in that direction in the first place!! Makes sense to me. It saves a lot walking and time, because if I was to hurry into a room for something, I would forget what it is was and as soon as I got back where I came from I would remember it. Walking slow usually prevents that from happening. That way, I can forget and remember it a couple of times on the way.

Oh yeh, before I forget, you all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. OMG,,,soooo LMAO. Walking slow! hahahahah

  2. Well at least you do remember on the way. I generally have to take a nap to remember what I was after or supposed to do, of course when I wake up it is too late to do it that day. Then like a goose, the next day is a whole new experience, got to start all over trying to remember what I forgot yesterday.

  3. Trouble and Bob, you know, old age isn't really that bad as long as you can keep a good sense of humor.

  4. I've got to ask, what's special about Mexican coke? Is it make with real sugar? Not that it matters all that much as as I don't think I drink a 6 pack of soda a year. However, on a really hot day, splitting a coke with the wife does hit the spot.

  5. On the other hand, if you walk real fast you might get there before you forget why you were going.

  6. I believe the Mexicans still make coke with sugar instead of corn syrup. In the U.S. they use sugar once a year, I forget when but I think it's some Jewish religious holiday. I quit drinking soda pop on a daily basis years ago so they can put anything they like in it for all I care.

    By the way, they make some excellent fruit flavored sodas in Mexico. Grapefruit, Tamarind and Mango are my favorites. I had a Tamarind last summer.

    For years I have made the trip back and forth and still do sometimes because I forget to stand still long enough for "long term memory" to kick in. My long term memory is just fine.

    I have taken lately to noting what is on my mind the instant I think it. That works if I happen to be at this keyboard. If I have to reach for a pencil the thought is gone.

    1. OK, Dizzy I followed your advice on the "walk slow" deal. That is AFTER I got into the barn and out of the cold wind.

      I slowly walked around in there and remembered the things I wanted to do . Found my Truck ashtray, Checked the gas and oil in mower, and remembered to check the reserve 5 gallon tank AND if I had any Stable to put in the fuel. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Thanks for the tip. :-)

      Back in the house, list complete..,,, Now, what was it I was gonna get me for lunch? :-)

  7. Dizzy both my mother and I are going to try the walking slow routine even though bless her heart she does walk slow.

    As far as the mexican Coke they have them all over the place in Houston. In Fiesta, in the mexican section of HEB, FoodTown and JoeV's to name a few.

    I am not much into soft drinks but I do like the mexican tamarindo or manzanita once in a while.

  8. Sixbears, real sugar, taste like it used to back when I was a kid. Seems to be a little less carbonation. I don’t drink soft drinks, that is the first on I have had for a long time. I do, however, drink quinine water (tonic water) with out the gin, in the evenings. Taste good and helps my leg cramps.

    Gypsy, I seem to forget things immediately.

    Old fool, that is correct on the sugar. I haven’t tried any of the other Mexican soft drinks. And now I know why my mother had notes all over the place.

    Ben, glad it worked for you. Now, just eat what ever you are hungry for and have on hand.

  9. MsB, thanks for the advice as to where to find a store that sells Mexican Coke.

  10. After you drink some of it, do you still feel thirsty? I seem to remember wanting water after one of the older style cokes, but maybe I misremembered!

    Glad you got the memory thing all figured out!

  11. HJ, no I didn't. You aren't diabetic are you?