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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wondering about fuel filters.

According to Barney’s blog, he had his fuel filter changed and they told him it would be good for 15,000 miles.  When I had my RV serviced, they changed the oil in both the Generator and the main engine, installed new oil filters, and installed new fuel filters.  I asked the young fellow how many miles before I need an oil change.  He said two to three thousand miles.  I said that he just put four gallons of Rotella oil in it, not four to six quarts.  So he said maybe I could go twice that far.  I don’t think that kid knew what he was talking about.  I guess I will have to do a search and find out the average mileage suggested between changes.  When he changed my fuel filter, he said the same thing, so I purchased a spare.  I figured that there is always a chance of getting a bad batch of fuel.  I do have a way of draining the water out of the bottom of the fuel tank.  That ought to be done every so often, if I ever remember to do it.  Now I see on Barney’s blog that his can go for 4 to 5 times what I was told about mine.  Here is a picture of my fuel filter, is it about the same size as yours, Barney?

And another thing, since I am complaining; I thought that Caterpillar was an American company, so why are the genuine Caterpillar filters made in the Czech Republic?  Don’t believe me?  Look here:

Of course, if the amount of miles I am putting on the RV is consistent with future mileage, these filters will last 100 years!! Got to get around to using it, but have so many projects that need done around the home, I suppose it will not be used for a while.

We got rain storms last night. I first heard the thunder about 02:00 when my oldest dog woke me. She is deathly afraid of anything that goes boom or bang. The heavy winds and rain didn’t get here until around 05:00 and they passed by quickly. Had some heavy winds with them, but no damage here and the winds switched and are now coming out of the NNW, so it will cool off, maybe back to normal.

I went to the hardware store this morning instead of the flea market and got supplies to try and complete another project that has been started but never finished. Getting good at putting things off. Sorry I am late with the blog, but at least I got it on.

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. DD, Just do the maintenance according to the mfg schedule on your vehicles. Do not let the filter and oil sales folks cause you to use money any sooner than it is actually needed. If their lips are moving---you know the rest of the story.

  2. Barney, I don't have a manufacturer's schedule. I have no information on the engine at all. I got lots of info on the stuff in the RV, but not the mechanical part.

    1. Ditto what Barney says. And I betcha you can find someplace online that has all the info on the motor.. Just dig around, you'll find it.

  3. Well I don't know anything about oil filters,so I won't be making any guesses. Glad y'all made it thru the storms without any damage. Blessings Jane

  4. Ben, I will request info from the manufacturer.

    Jane, thanks and the only damage was loss of sleep.

  5. Dadgum it....took 4 resets to get the reply winder to pop up.
    Ok, I know that most people think that 3000 miles is the time to change oil and filter....as recommended by the manufacturer. But that ain't the way I see it. It all depends on what kind of driving you do. If it's stop and go city driv'n, then yeah, maybe 3000 miles would be ok. But highway miles are different. The engine runs at a constant temp and load....less wear and tear on delicate parts.
    Now take for instance "Sally da house". It's recommended to change oil every 6-7000 miles highway use (3000 city use). That's with regular ol' motor oil. I use regular ol' synthetic motor oil and change once a year, only 'cause of moisture build up in the oil. Don't care bout the mileage 'cause I ain't gonna be driv'n no 10-15,000 miles a year, what is the recommended change using synthetic oil.

  6. If the fuel is clean and dry, the filters would last almost forever. However if the fuel has moisture, ten minutes !

  7. BB, I use Rotella-T synthetic oil, you know, the kind that cost its weight in gold. It better hold up for awhile. I have enough in a storage compartment for one more oil change.

    Spud, guess that is why they have a small groove in the theads at the bottom of the oil pan. You loosen it and let all the water run out and stop tighten it back up when the fuel starts to flow.

  8. Dizzy, I have a CAT 3126 in my motorhome and use the same secondary filter as you have there. I change them every other oil change. CAT recommends changing oil at least once per year regardless of milage, that is what I do since I'm never over 5-6000 miles per year. If I was using synthetic like you I would send in a sample once a year to Blackstone Labs to see if it really needed changed, that synthetic is really expensive. I just use the regular Rotella T in the CAT motor and the Onan generator. Are you sure you don't have two fuel filters? Mine has a fuel filter/water seperator first and then a fuel filter like you show. Good luck. Max from Illinois.

  9. Dizzy,

    One more thing I forgot to add, I carry at least 2 spare fuel filters (each) on board in case I get some bad fuel, FYI. Max from Illinois.

  10. Max, thanks for the advice. I will check to see if there is another filter. I have no info on the engine and the folks at Camping Land didn't seem to know much about it. I did know that it had the Rotella oil in it when I got it and didn't want to change.