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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wondering about Fog

There is a dense fog out there this morning. You know, the kind where you dare not take a deep breath or you could risk drowning. The temperature is 65 degrees and the dew point must be well below that. This week is going to be a damp one, not a lot of rain but light drizzle and probably more foggy mornings. At least the frogs are happy. Speaking of frogs, there does not seem to be as many on them as there was before the drought. Maybe if we continue to have a wet spring they can multiply back to their old levels. If the swamp doesn’t dry out again, maybe more wetland creatures will return.

Did you know that Point Reyes, California (just north of San Francisco) is listed as one of the foggiest land areas in the world with over 200 foggy days per year? That would be like almost 4 days a week of fog, although I would think that they have weeks of fogged in weather and weeks of clear weather. Does anyone live near there and could let us know more about the fog in that area?

The weirdest fog situation that I encountered was one winter in Pennsylvania I was out hunting. There was snow on the ground but the temperatures were rising and the snow was melting. Then, all of a sudden, a thick fog rolled in over me. It was so thick that I couldn’t see my hand on an outstretched arm. It thinned out enough after a few minutes, so I was able to find my way home. I have been in thick fog like that a few times while driving and a few times when out on the Atlantic in a small boat. I believe I have told these stories on my blog before.

You all be careful if you are out and about in a foggy area, and have a great day, you hear?


  1. Those spring fogs when the snow starts to melt can get pretty thick. The snow does seem to melt fast when the fog moves in. The coast of Maine has some amazing fog along the coast. It can be totally fogged in on the beach, but 300 feet inland it's sunny and 15 degrees warmer.

    1. Speaking of fog…one of the first times I drove to Houston (on old 59) I hit fog on the north side of town. It was soo thick I had to open the door so passenger could see the white line on the edge of the road. Only way to see stop lights was when you got to the intersection. Scary , real scary!
      Course over the years living down there we learned to deal with it. When it’d move in.

  2. I sure don't like the way that fog makes my knee hurt!

    Seems like the dampness is getting to me more and more!

  3. We had fog here this morning,I guess a certain amt is necessary but I don't like it. Wouldn't want to live near point reyes!!! Blessings Jane

  4. As a kid I lived on the coast of Oregon, we just thought of fog as lazy clouds. During a dry year we had over 60 inches of rain. During school recess we would go out as far from the school as possible and then tell the teacher we got lost and so therefore didn't come back from recess for a while. Not hard to do when visibility is less then five feet all day.

  5. When I lived in CA during the 1980's I took my kids to Point Reyes several times. It was always foggy and always cold. I sat in a folding chair on the beach, wrapped in a blanket, while my kids were down at water's edge getting their feet wet. There was always an animal swimming fairly close to shore that looked like a dog - I finally figured out it was a seal. There are lots of them to be seen everywhere along the Pacific coast.

    Monterey (s. of San Francisco) is also foggy & chilly, but once in a while the sun comes out and there is nothing like it anywhere.

  6. Sixbears, there always seems to be more fog near the sea, and I for some dumb reason, I like fog, except when trying to find the inlet to return to shore.

    Ben, I have driven in fog like that. The only reason it is not too dangerous, no one can see far enough to go fast. It is when you run into a fog bank on an interstate that causes problems.

    Hermit, between you and my wife, we could predict the weather better than the weather man.

    Jane, I know what you mean. We can bear once in awhile, but not over 200 days a year.

    Bob from Athens, my son worked in Oregon for a spell and told me about it. When the sun shines, it must be beautiful. The recess extension seemed to work for you. Did the teacher ever catch on?

  7. Gypsy, I figured someone has been near that area. Thanks for the report. Could those swimming animals have been sea ottors?

  8. I ran into a wall of rain like that, on the highway one time. Instant blindness. Was really scary.

  9. PA has warm weather so fog may be rolling in. Yesterday the news said "winter torrnado warnings for the Ohio Valley". We have not really had a winter yet. One snow fall of six inches and a few other dustings of snow. Today I was driving around with my car window half way down. Tomorrow Phil may give of the bad news of six more weeks of winter or not!

  10. Trouble, you are lucky you didn't get in an accident. A wall of rain can lead to lots of them.

    Jill, that old groundhog usually predicts more winter.

  11. This weather lately is nearly as crazy as I am! And, believe me, that's saying a LOT!

    I worry about Mom being out driving when it starts raining here in Houston, mainly because folks don't want to slow down!