Wondering about wild grapes

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wondering about spring flowers.

I have been seeing lots of spring wild flowers and, of course, those that people plant to decorate their yard, like daffodils for instance. I know that winter isn’t over and some of the coldest weather sometimes comes in February. Back when I had a garden, Valentines day was the time of the year to plant potatoes. I remember a couple of years when frost was predicted after the potato plants where up a ways and I would have to take the tiller and hill them up. Of course, I always “hilled” them up a few times during their growth to get more potatoes and make it easier to dig them. It was in the upper 60’s when I got up this morning and for the last few days, the lows have been higher than our “normal” highs. As Hermit Jim commented on my blog a couple of days ago, “This weather lately is nearly as crazy as I am! And believe me, that's saying a LOT!” Now I know Jim is not crazy, but I do know he is right about the weather.

I was bringing back the empty garbage cans yesterday and as I walked through the wooded part of my drive-way, I found these laying there:

They are wild yellow Jessamine and they wear a beautiful smelling perfume. I posted a blog showing them in full bloom awhile back, but I was very pleased to see that they have survived the drought, at least some of them. Nature is very resilient, but there is a limit to what she can take.

Here is another picture, only this one I did not use a flash. I didn’t know which would show the color best, but I believe the first one using the flash did.

How many of you watched Larry’s Country Diner last night on RFDTV?  Nadine said that someone accused her of being “two faced”.  She said that “if I were two faced, I sure would not be wearing this one”.  Now, I thought that was funny and I know what she means.  You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. I saw the episode where Nadine made that comment. sometimes she comes up with some really funny remarks.

  2. I know my lovely wife is having a blast putting flowers in at my dad's in FL.

  3. Dont get that channel. I've had jasmine too, but bought at a nursery. I've used native as much as i could. Had bird of paradise too. None of those made it thru the drought. Queen Annes Lace did, thats one of the hardiest of all,,.

  4. PS,, did most of my landscaping for butterflies and hummers. Also lost my butterfly bush.

  5. I have different kinds of flowers,but your jasmeine sure is pretty,and I agree the weather is indeed crazy.

    Blessings Jane

  6. Gather all those fallen blossoms , dry them and make a portiere bag

  7. Gypsy, I do enjoy her and Larry's Country Diner is one of my favorite shows.

    Sixbears, will she take any back north?

    Trouble, and jasmine smells so good.

    Jane, it sure has been crazy weather for more than a year.

    Ben, sure would make a good smelling mix.

  8. Last year thanks to the drought none of my Bluebonnets came up and bloomed. Already this year I have a full front yard of them and they look like they are only a few weeks from blooming. Maybe someone should talk to Mother Nature and get her back on her medicine or something.

  9. Bob, this extra warm weather and with the rain, the wild flowers think it is spring.