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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wondering about Mister Bean

Mister Bean was one of my deceased son’s favorite shows.  My wife and I always got a lot of laughs out of that show.  Houston Public Television (channel 8) started showing reruns of that old English show; and of course my wife and I have to watch it.  We like all types of humor, but Rowan Atkinson is different.  It is British humor at its best.  Rowan may portray a stupid person who is a boy inside a man’s body as some people say, but he is well educated and has a MSc in Electrical Engineering.  There is no one in the universe like Mr. Bean.  If you have never seen it, watch it some time and you will see what I mean.  It is so stupid, it is brilliant.
Another great show that used to be on public television that my wife and I liked was The Red Green Show.  That show was from Canada.  It seems that most of the comedy shows on public TV have originated in some other country.  Even Monty Python’s Flying Circus was from England.  I must say that I don’t appreciate most English humor but Mr. Bean and Monty Python were different.  
Sorry I am so late posting my blog today.  Started it and got the first couple of sentences down and something came up.  Then I ran out of time before the flea market.  Beautiful sunny day here today.  I think I will sand and paint the steps on both motor-homes.  It is a good day for it.  Now, you all have a great day too, you hear?


  1. Not going on comment on you choice of shows cause I don't know anything about them. BUT ,
    I find that more and more I am NOT watching my PBS stations. The reason being they show more foreign produced shows that made in America ones.My local PBS runs more pledge drives or should I say reruns more pledge drives than original chows Any more bout the only one I watch on a regular basics if Antiques Road Show.

    Have fun painting the RV's steps. :-) When you getting rid of the ole one?

  2. Mr. Bean was Ok at times, but got too silly for even me.

    I love Red Green.

  3. How did i miss those, have no idea who they are.
    I never liked silly tho, like for instance red skelton. 3 stooges, was back when i was maybe 10, but, never thot silly was funny either.

  4. And don't forget the Two Ronnies...
    One of my most favourite shows was the Carol Burnett Show with Tim Conway... now he is seriously funny...

  5. The funniest thing I ever watched was Mr. Bean doing a change of clothes while he was driving. He was one of those with a perfect sense of timing and perfect facial expressions. I loved Monty Python because they made fun of just about everything including institutions, but they did it in such a silly way you just had to laugh. I also loved all the British series with Penelope Keith.

    One thing I'm finding about public tv, is that lately they are running short programs about good things and good people. You get so used to seeing only the negative on commercial programming, and I think most of us want to focus on what is good in our society rather than just what is bad. I quit watching all cable tv programs several years ago, and I'm glad I did.

  6. Ben, I probably waited too long but I almost have it ready. Maybe this week I will take it down to the lot and let them try to sell. They take ten percent.

    Sixbears, he sure is silly for sure.

    Trouble, those shows were on the public broadcasting channel only, as far as I know. Can you get a PBS station?

    TFT, Tim Conway is the funniest man I know of.

    Gypsy, last night he had accidently pulled a baby to the carnival, really bad but funny.