Wondering about wild grapes

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wondering about fruit flies

Don’t you just love those pesky little fruit flies? You know, the ones that show up within a few seconds from the time you take your first bite of fruit. They seem to swarm around all types of fruit. I guess that is how they got their name, DAH.

Hey, they live a fast paced life. They go from eggs to adult flies in just 8 or 10 days and only live a couple of weeks or less. In that time they manage to mate and lay up to 500 eggs. I bet you already guessed, they lay their eggs in extra ripe or rotten fruit. I wonder if they even have a chance to eat anything in that short and hurried life? Oh, maybe they eat fruit???

I started to believe that fruit flies are magical. Why I have been 20 miles off the shore of North Carolina fishing and decided to get a bite to eat. I opened the cooler and got a banana out and didn’t have two bites out of it when the fruit flies arrived. Now tell me where the heck did they come from? Couldn’t have flown the whole way from shore and for the first four hours on the boat I didn’t see any. The boat was an open Maco and there was no hold for them to have flown out of and running fast on the way out would have blown out any that were hiding on the boat. See, I told you they are magical. I bet when the Apollo astronauts first landed on the moon that when they opened their lunch the fruit flies found them. Of course that was never reported, and is probably why they were kept sealed in that Airstream trailer when they got back. What do you think?

Have a good day now, you hear?


  1. It's the biting flies that appear way the heck off shore that "bug" me.

  2. WHAT?!!! You Talking about Flies while the whole World is waiting with baited breath to hear how you water heater install turned out? Are you smoking crack with your Cheerios this morning? Get on the Stick !!!

  3. Sixbears, different areas have different flying pests. I just wonder how far they can fly off-shore. Do you think it is a one way trip?

    Ben, Hot water tank project is still on-going. Remember, I am older than you are and this old body can only take so much beating a day. I knocked off early yesterday, a little after 15:00. Going to go give it another try right now.

  4. It's a one trip if a catch them.

  5. they must be magic and i hope they did make it into space! I hope rain finds its way into Texas.
    Any fires near you?

  6. Sixbears, I know what you mean.

    Jill, So far, no fires real close. Got my fingers crossed. The news just said that we may have a 20 to 40 percent chance of rain over the weekend depending on where we are and where the disturbance is. Do a rain dance for us.

  7. Just realized, no, well, not hardly any, flies this year. Even they have to have water. Fruit flies?,,don't have the problem, don't know why after reading ur report.

  8. Yea Trouble, I haven't seen type of flying insect around here lately except for wasps. Everything is dried up and dead.