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Sunday, September 18, 2011

It Rained!!!

It rained, it rained, it rained. . . I like saying that. I haven’t had much of an opportunity to say it this year until yesterday. We didn’t get a lot; looks like about three eights of an inch. Adding up all the rain that we got this year, the total comes to just a little over an inch but I am sure that is going to change. Houston, which is closer to the gulf, only got eleven inches so far. That dang big dome of high pressure that sat over us has finally moved off to the west, allowing some rain to come in. Not only did we get rain yesterday, we have a forty percent chance for some more over the next couple of days. Now forty percent didn’t use to sound like a lot, but after all that zero percents, it seems like a lot.

This may help lower the risk of wild fires but it is a little late to save a lot of the flora and fauna. It will take years to recover from this extra long drought. That is, if it doesn’t return soon. That big dome of high pressure could just move back in here. Sure hope not. We all like nice weather, but we just had way too much of a nice thing. It is time for some more rain. No, I am not satisfied with the little bit we got yesterday. I WANT SOME MORE!!

Right now, the radar shows a lot of rain down near the coast. It seems to be moving to the north east. Maybe in a few hours it will work its way up through Houston and make it all the way to where I live. Sure hope so. It looks like we will have a good chance of getting a little more rain today. Hallelujah!!

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Now if you could only get some nice steady soakers. Years ago my lovely wife and I paddled the Neches River. I wonder how that area looks now?

  2. Get any water in your lake? Good luck getting some more before the High moves back in. Got some thunder here this morning, but that's all. Maybe this afternoon.

  3. Was lucky here at the State Park....no rain. I say lucky 'cause the grandkids and SOL slept in the tent. No mud in "da house".

  4. Like I said before "be careful what you wish for".

  5. Thinking hard..rain in Texas, rain in Texas..hope the Heavens open up for you today. no rain, fires..you all need to catch a break.

  6. DD, right now we are getting a nice slow soaking rain, but don't know just how long it will stay! Hope it sticks around for a couple of days!

    Never thought I would be so happy to see the rain!

  7. Sixbears, you are right on some soakers. Didn’t get that today, but it did get everything wet. I don’t know about the Neches, probably low like all the rivers in this part of the country.

    Ben, No water in the lake, but am going to be positive about this and maybe it will rain some more.

    BB, Glad you didn’t get any mud. Mud is hard to clean up. Good that they all slept in the tent without any storms.

    Oldfool, still wishing for some more.

    Jill, Keep on chanting for us. Didn’t get much, but any rain is better than what we have been having, and that is none.

    HJ, That is the trouble, you soak it all up before it gets up to me (grin). Glad you got a soaking.