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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wondering about yesterday’s blog number

I just noticed that yesterday I had published blog number 416. You probably say, “So what, a lot of people have done that”. I don’t mean to imply that it was a lot of blogs; I just mean that the number 416 is one of a unique few. There are only 18 such numbers in a little over 20,000. Now, can you tell me what is unique about this number?

Now is good time to change the subject while I try to decide if I should give you the answer today or wait until tomorrow? While I am trying to make up my mind, I will tell you that I heard some thunder a little after 19:00 last night. In fact, there must have been some heavy clouds to my south because my satellite went off a couple of times. That is one disadvantage of satellite, but it is better than cable if you are an RVer. The satellite can go with you but you would need a very huge reel of wire for the cable to follow along (grin).

Yes, it rained down south of me toward Houston. The weather man said that Houston got a small amount but west of Houston and Katy there was heavy rains. I saw on their map that some places got in excess of three inches. The rain goes north, south, east, and west of me. . . so when is it going to dump some here?!?!

Ok, I have decided to tell you what is unique about the number 416. Others like it are 11, 24, 39, . . . 17,289, 18,324 and 19,361; 18 of them under 20,000. The answer is that the last part of the number is the square of the first part. The number 4 squared is 16. Yeah, I know, this blog was real dumb. I will try harder in some future blog, maybe.

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Dang Dizzy!!! You GOT to get out in the Motor-home and get outta Dodge!! You're thinking too much! Go escape somewhere!

  2. One of these days you are going to get more rain than you know what to do with!

    I'm great with word puzzles, but never could do the math puzzles.

  3. Today's blog post made me laugh. Thanks Dizzy, I need all the help I can get.

  4. I thought long and hard on this post...always making things way too hard studying them!

    Guess I have started to over-think things!

    We didn't get any rain at my house, but I knew it wasn't far off, because the cable was acting all weird!

  5. Well DD, gotta agree, u sure are bored,,,maybe it's all that sun got to ya.
    Back in my hey day, i loved math problems, but now, skipped down to the answer, hahahahaha.

  6. Ben, it is still way too hot. I didn’t mind the heat so much in the summer where it is suppose to be, but not now. Too much of a good thing, so to say. Yes, I need to get out of town.

    Gypsy, Yeah I know, I will probably be complaining about too much rain.

    BB, If you need a bigger laugh, I will send you a large picture of me. . .

    HJ, I was going to be mean and not tell you the answer until tomorrow, but I didn’t want anyone to loose any sleep (grin). Yes on the rain, it stayed west of you.

    Trouble, You cheated (grin). So far, it doesn’t sound like anyone figured it out without looking at the answer.

  7. Looks like I got my 2nd F of the day Dizzy. I know one thing about that number though, 416 posts is mighty impressive. I got my doubts of ever seeing a hundred.

  8. Well Dizzy, looks like I just got my 2nd F of the day. I know one thing about that number though, 416 posts is mighty impressive. I got my doubts of ever seeing a hundred.

  9. HoBo, You always get an A+ in my book. And you are over half way to a hundred now at 53.