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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wondering (and dismayed) about the weather.

I was really hoping that the tropical storm that came ashore just to the east of us in Louisiana would give us some much needed rain. Well, it almost did. Yes, it did rain. No, we didn’t get very much, just about a tenth of an inch. I should have known it wouldn’t be much since we were on the “clean” side of the storm. Just before the sun set last night, we spotted a rainbow of to the East. That gave me hope, knowing that rain was that close.

A little after dark, it started to drizzle. Just a very light rain, but it WAS rain. At that time the temperature dropped down to 72. That was coolest I have seen, day or night, for a long, long time. Yesterday stayed well below the 100 degree mark, so I guess we will not make a million days in a row over 100 as I was starting to expect!!! When I got up this morning, the temperature was still low at 76 degrees. Guess I got to dig out my Long Johns if this cold wave continues. . . .

I don’t think that we will get any more rain, and the small amount that we got will not help the trees any, but maybe the weeds will get greener. You know, the stuff that is left after all the grass dies. Do you think that I should sell my lawn mower or just save it as relic of the past and what used to be? Of course hope springs eternal, or at least some poet thought that was the case. I am at the point where I will believe it if I actually see a soaking rain. I am starting to think that a big rain will not happen again in my life time. As a last resort, I may consider washing my car.

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. As always Dizzy, I'd send you some of my rain. We really don't need any more. Yesterday I woke up to thunder, and it rained again sometime in the night. You don't have to go too far from where I live to see roads and bridges washed out. The river is so full of mud it looks like chocolate milk. It doesn't look that bad during spring melt.

    Should be in the 80s here today, warm for this time of year.

  2. Didn't God promise after the great flood to cleanse the World of Sin that he won't use that again? Maybe he's just gonna dry up the World so nuthing will grow anymore?
    ( just my off the wall thought for the morning)

  3. Rain?,,What's that? My memory doesn't go back that far.

  4. I thought sure we would get more than we did. Guess we were on the same wave length!

    I'm certainly enjoying this cooler weather, though! NICE!

  5. Sixbears, hope the floods in your area subside without leaving too much damage. I know you are tired of hearing about the weather here, but when one has been in a drought since last October, any amount of rain or cool weather is noteworthy.

    Ben, don’t think that I didn’t give that some thought. Maybe this is just a warning.

    Trouble, Rain, isn’t that something you use to steer a horse? No, that is rein. I know what you mean.

    HJ, I thought maybe you got more than I did since you are closer to the Gulf. I guess we were both just on the very edge of the rain. At least I got to see a rainbow.

  6. Alright Dizzy, I finally got a hold of myself after readin' that weedeater comment on Billy Bob's blog. Figure the laughin' lasted a good minute or two longer than the jet boat one from the day before. So I thought I'd pop over here and introduce myself since I hold humor in high regards. Feel like I hit the jackpot findin' you two characters. I'll come back and read some later if you don't mind. By the way, that car washin' trick usually worked good for me back when I was still washin her.

  7. Kind of what I was thinking , bout 4 months ago. My lawn had become just a big sandbox ! With a few weeds here and there. We had been going thru a drought here in Floriduh, now it's raining somewhat normally again. Guess what, gotta mow the damn grass again. Dunno where it came from, but up it comes. Nature is more resilient than what we mere humans are....

  8. Hobo, that weedeater canoe motor thing really happened. I wonder if you would need a license for the canoe or boat since the motor was not attached? It really worked great and my sone had a lot of fun with it. That was back when he was young and I still had 5 or 6 acres of water on my place. This drought made that all dissapear. Thanks for stoping by.

    Spud, Not mowing a lawn is one of the good things about the drought. I guess if you look hard enough there is good in everything, except maybe politicians.