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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wondering why blogging is addictive.

I got a comment on yesterday’s blog from Hobo Joe and he said that he doubts whether he will ever get to 100 blogs. Well, I went and checked and he has published his 53rd blog and he will be to 100 before he knows it; he is over half way there already. Time flies by and so does blogs. I can’t believe that I am over 400 blogs already. It just seems like yesterday that I timidly attempted to write my first blog http://dizzydick.blogspot.com/2010/07/st-blog.html back on July 16, 2910. Dang, that has been only a year and two and a half months ago. It seems to me like I have been doing this for ever. I enjoy it and can’t wait to see what everyone else is up to. I don’t only read the blogs I “follow”, but a lot of other ones. Trouble is, it takes up way too much of my time.

Yesterday, Gypsy of the
On The Road Again Blog commented that she was much better at word puzzles than she was with number puzzles. Just looking at that number of my blog, I could see the pattern, but with words I am not good at all. So, to get a word puzzle for Gypsy, I had to cheat and find one in book. Here Gypsy, this is an anagram for you:

Each word or phrase in quotation marks is an anagram of another word. The solution bears some relationship to the original.


Answer. “_______” “________”

(B) “EMIT GRUNT” through “MOUTH CASE” (9/9)

Answer “_________” “_________”

OK, Gypsy, get at it. I will give you the answer tomorrow or you can just put the answer in a comment. Good luck and have fun. Oh yeah, all you others can feel free to solve it, you can’t get out of it that easy. Just solve it and put the answer in the comments.


  1. Thanks for your vote of confidence Dizzy. Blogging Addictive? Well, it's 4:30 in the damn morning over here, and I was just getting up to go to the bathroom :)

  2. Hobo, Killing two birds with one stone; that is called efficiency!!

  3. Yep Dizzy , think I warned you when you first started that it is an addiction.
    If I don't post all my wit and wisdom each day I feel like my day isn't complete.

  4. I remember ur first one! I enjoy these blogs so much, wish we all had a chat room. lololol.
    BTW, (by the way) just wth (what the hell) is an anagram? hahahahah

  5. I keep hoping you'll wander over and wonder something wise on our blog. It's not too late. We're always open.

  6. Yep Ben, you sure did and it mostly your fault that I got started on this blogging trail.

    Trouble, it seems the ones I like the best get the least comments. Goes to show you what I know.

    GL Duck, I read your blog and you do a good job. I need to come to your part of the country sometime soon. Always wanted to visit the Everglades.

  7. Just keep posting DD, you'll get to wherever you're going...

  8. I'm still working on it. You gave me a couple of tough ones, and I'm usually very good at anagrams. Dang!

  9. TFT, I have no idea where I am going.

    Gypsy, Well then, I guess I will wait until tomorrow's blog to give you the answers, or do you need more time?

  10. (B) Muttering
    If I don't get the 2nd part of this one it will definitely interfere with my work! I may be up all night trying to solve it.

  11. Gypsy, on the second part, don't forget to insert the work "through" between the last two words. You are correct so far, good work!

  12. Correction:
    (B) Muttering through moustache

  13. Congratulations Gypsy, you got it. Good work, the check is in the mail (yeah right). I will give you credit on tomorrow's blog.