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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yesterday’s Pole and wondering about a klutzy day.

First, let me give you the results of yesterday’s pole. I received 7 comments and 5 of them were a definite YES. The other two did not say, although one was negative about NASA, so I will take that as a NO. So the count stands at:

5 yes
1 negative
1 undecided?
If you add my vote, it will be 6 yeses.

My wife asked me the other day if I had ever had a klutzy day. It seems as though she was dropping everything, knocking over stuff, tripping over things, bumping into stuff, and just having a hard time getting through the day. She figured the only thing she could do was to go to bed and stay there until tomorrow and hope it would be a better day. Of course I lied and told her that things like that never happen to me. So in all her infinite wisdom, she said “Why don’t you ask the bloggers if they have ever had a klutzy day?”

So, have any of you had a klutzy day?
I sure do hope that they get a handle on all the fires here in East Texas. So many people were forced to leave their homes and many will not have any to return to. So far, I heard of four deaths caused by the fires. Still no rain, none in sight, and the air is hot and DRY. We can’t even seem to get a tropical storm to come our way. Guess that only happens when we don’t need it.

Hope you all have a good day and are not near any of the fires or fires to be. It seems like they are popping up all over the place.


  1. Yes, I've had Klutzy days, still do. Good thing we have gravity, or there would be a lot more space junk up there.

    On your previous pole, put me down for a YES. I think Huston WAS slighted.

  2. Put me down as having Klutzy days on occasion. Just one of those days your better off not even touching any power tools! :-)
    One final note about NASA mission control and the entire complex. If I'm not mistaken the land that complex is on belongs to Rice University and there is provision that at the end of NASA program the land and all improvements revert back to Rice. Could be mistaken, but pretty sure that's right.

  3. ok DD, yep, had a klutz day, once. lololol,,,was when i was cat fishing. couldn't get outa my chair, turned it over, spilled all my beer, fell in the river, got bit by that snapping turtle,,,,,(still on my finger). ain't never gonna thunder.

    800 homes burned just in Bastrop. Think total is like,,1386 in central TX.

  4. Not sure if was being Klutzy or just hung over. :)

    Good news from my relatives in East TX. The fire closest to them was just put out. They are fine.

  5. Sharon, yes, if we are honest with ourselves we would have to admit days like that. I will add one more yes.

    Ben, I didn’t know that, will have to look into it.

    Trouble, sounds like something I would do. Hey, I did hear thunder a few weeks ago but thought I imagined it. You made me laugh - the news rounded it off to 1400 homes gone. Terrible!!!

    Sixbears, one of the reasons I don’t drink anymore. Glad to hear the good news about your relatives.

  6. Have I finally figured it out?

  7. I can't remember ever havin' a klutzy day Dizzy. But go ahead and put me down for a yes anyway, if you know what I'm sayng.

  8. Man, I had my most massive klutzy day ever today! I'll be glad when it's over, for sure!

    I'm with the wife on this one...going to bed and waiting under the covers seems to be the best way to stay out of trouble!

  9. Ted, figured what out? Now you know we guys can't get anything right.

    HoboJoe, Yea, my memory is too short, too. We guys have to stick together and not admit to ever being Klutzy, opps, I almost fell off my chair. . . . .

    HJ, Hope it is over and tomorrow you will be your old non-klutzy self again. Don't understand why it all comes in one day. Guess that is better than having it spread out over every day.

  10. I am a huge klutz! I fell once in CA and we had an earthquake! seriously.

  11. Kellie, Dang, you take the prize. I suppose you visited Virginia a few weeks ago?