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Monday, September 19, 2011

Got work and it rained again.

I got an email just after I posted my blog yesterday from my client who was vacationing in Italy with his wife. Seems they got this big rush job at his plant in Houston that needs a lot of fabrication and assembly drawings. The problem is, their customer wants its PDQ. To make a long story short, I worked about 11 hours on it yesterday and will be working (at least 12 hours a day) on it for the next couple of days. Therefore, if I don’t post a blog, you know the reason.

We got a little bit more rain yesterday, but last night around 03:30 a thunder storm came through and it rained fairly hard for about a half hour. Now that is what I am talking about, a real East Texas thunderstorm. Don’t know how much we got, but I can assure you it was more rain than we have had for months and months and months. I guess Jill’s chanting yesterday did the trick. Yea, I know you are tired of hearing about the weather, but just had to let you know that it seems the hot, dry cycle is broken. The thought did go through my mind that the lightning may cause a fire. Even though it rained had, a lot of stuff is dead and will still burn.

Got to get to work. I like a little work, too bad most of what I get has to be “rush” jobs. You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. Hope this rain is a trend.

    I'm glad someone is working. Better take it while it's available.

  2. Hope ur swamp has some water now. Guess we'll c u whenever,,,

  3. Got enough water in the pond to grow mosquitoes huh? ;-)
    Finish up that job and get back to normal, you know. Blogging, plumping fixin. Dog walking, and Honey Do's .

  4. I think you got more rain than I did, buddy!

    Glad you picked up a new job, but sorry to hear that it's another rush job. As far as the 'skeeters go, the ones around my house don't seem to even need water to get swarming around.

    Don't overdo the work, buddy!

  5. Sixbears, I do hope it started a new trend. Maybe we can get back to normal around here, but it will take a lot more rain over a long time. And I like a little work now and then just to keep my mind active. The big thing in that sentence is “a little”.

    Trouble, the ground just soaked it up. I bet if I stuck a shovel in it would bring up dry dirt.

    Ben, you are starting to make the paying work sound a whole lot better (grin).

    HJ, I may have but you have had more rain over the last year than I have. And every job I get any more are either the rush ones or the ones no one can do.

    BTW, no mosquitoes here yet. Probably no water standing around long enough for the eggs to hatch.

  6. OH yea, I hope to complete this job by the end of the day tomorrow. Maybe. . .